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Feb 12, 2021 5:06 pm


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Spy Photos

2023 BMW IX1 Spy Shots

BMW is developing a redesigned X1 compact crossover SUV and the latest prototype is for a battery-electric version. BMW Group CEO Oliver Zipse confirmed plans for an electric X1 last summer, as well as an electric 5-Series.

The electric X1 should be called an iX1, following the naming practice established by the iX3, the electric version of the X3 currently on sale overseas.

BMW I4 Spied With Less Camouflage Showing Grille Design

The BMW i4 is finally ready to lose some fake body panels and unveil more of its actual shape. This new prototype, spied testing in winter conditions, is also finally showing us more of its front end design. Some concealment at the back is gone too and the i4 reveals more of its taillight design.



VIDEO: Learn How To Drive With BMW M In A BMW M2 Competition

All M cars are tail-out hooligans at heart, even the go-fast all-wheel drive one's like the F90 BMW M5. However, it's the more old-school rear-wheel drive models that are the proper tire-shredders. Even the new all-wheel drive BMW M5 can switch its front axle off and do massive rear-wheel drive drifts. So learn how to drift now, and you'll be a pro by the time your first electric drift car comes around.

Motor Trend's Best Three-Row SUV

In this new comparison from Motor Trend, all four of the aforementioned SUVs went head-to-head-to-head-to-head to see which is the best three-row SUV on sale. The BMW X7 was at a bit of a disadvantage in this test, being an xDrive40i model. What surprised us was how well the Americans did in the test.

Video: AC Schnitzer BMW X3 M Laps Sachsenring, nearly beats M4

How good can a BMW X3 M actually be on the track? Well, the guys from Auto Bild set off to find out, and they didn’t use a standard X3 M either, but asked the guys from AC Schnitzer to lend them one. The AC Schnitzer version has 600 HP instead of 510 on the Competition model and comes with other changes as well, such as a lower suspension, different exhaust, more aero and the works.



BMW iX Production Start Pushed Back By Months To March 2022

The start of production for the BMW iX has now been pushed to March 2022. Deliveries of the iX were probably going to commence in 2022 anyway, and with the delayed start of production, they will now commence later in the year. There is a lot of riding on this model for BMW, and it’s unusual that it didn’t prioritize the iX over the i4 sedan. The latter will be shown in final production soon, and it will enter production this year - BMW did invest some €200-million in retooling its home plant in Munich, but it has not reported any i4-related delays so far.

This Special Edition Johnny Cecotto BMW E30 M3

The legendary status that surrounds the E30 M3 and its touring car compatriots from the DTM has grown rapidly in the last decade if sale prices for these homologation specials are anything to go by. Outside the Evolutions, the best known special edition E30 M3 is the Johnny Cecotto edition. Unlike other special editions, the Cecotto/Ravaglia cars introduced a new version of the S14 engine; the 215-horsepower version of the catalyst-equipped 2.3L S14 first appeared in the Cecotto edition cars in April 1989.

First Rumor Of A Future BMW M4 CSL Pops Up Online

Now, the first rumor of a possible BMW M4 CSL based on the G80 platform has just popped up online. If the M4 CSL is truly going to happen and the production is set to kick off in July, next year, we should see the first prototypes out testing somewhere in the second half of 2021. Most enthusiasts will likely cry out for the manual to be the sole choice but if past versions are anything to go by, the automatic will be the weapon chosen by BMW for the limited-run M4 CSL. This is all speculation at this point, but if we're to see the CSL moniker used again, the M4 would be a prime candidate to get it stuck on its boot lid.

BMW M5 CS Touring Rendered

BMW hasn't made a fully fledged M wagon in over a decade, and while they're about to blend practicality with performance, the recipe will be used for the first-ever M3 Touring. With a powerful engine at the front and a huge cargo area in the back, the hypothetical M5 wagon would be the ultimate family hauler and perfect for a one-car garage. Let's just say kids would never be late for school if BMW were to turn the M5 CS into a wagon.

VIDEO: BMW M3 and M4 Engine Sound Explained

The sound for the BMW M3 and M4 engine has been tuned to provide a more classic BMW straight-six sound, something that so many BMW fans will be happy to hear. It get asymmetrical headers, with equal length exhaust pipes and valve adjustment, so the sound can be fine-tuned for any given situation. Inside the car, you can even adjust the sound level through the iDrive screen. Not only is that a relatively new BMW M technology but it’s also quite useful.

History of Alpina

ALPINA officially works alongside BMW, with most of the production of ALPINAs vehicles being done by BMW but to ALPINA's specification. While most ALPINA products are just as powerful as BMW's M Division variants, they're a different flavor of car altogether. The ALPINA brand is going to have to look to the future.

Doug DeMuro Helps Explain Some Of BMW's Weird Decisions

Doug talks about how the early 2000's BMW's were perhaps their greatest line-up of vehicles in history, particularly the 2001 range that featured cars such as the E38 740i, E39 M5, and the first edition of the X5. An X5 that looked absolutely gorgeous. Doug says this is probably due to BMW unaccustomed to being on the outside looking in, in regard to popularity.

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