️️📰BMW Group Sold 2,521,525 Cars In 2021

Jan 14, 2022 11:06 am


BMW Land Issue #61

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Spy Photos

BMW IX1 Seen Up Close

The all-electric BMW iX1 is expected to be a significant vehicle for the company. The BMW iX1 will be based on the regular, internal combustion-powered X1 crossover, as the name suggests.

Next-Gen BMW M5 Spotted

Next year, the new G60 5 Series will be unveiled and put into production, followed by the M5 roughly a year later. Although we're still a long way from its formal debut, a first prototype of the M vehicle was recently spotted being tested in traffic.


Drag Races

Toyota GR Yaris Bravely Battles BMW M4

There may not be a greater automotive analogy than a Toyota GR Yaris taking on a BMW M4, and we're not just talking about the fear factor connected with that Big BMW.

Tuned BMW M3 AWD Vs Standard BMW M3 AWD

Is a stage one tune worth the money? We're going to address that question today with a race between two BMW M3s. To begin, we'll look at the regular BMW M3. It is powered by a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged straight-six engine that produces 510 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque.

BMW M340i Fights Mercedes-AMG A35 In Wet Sedan Drag Race

There's no way around it: the BMW M340i isn't a true M car, just as the Mercedes-AMG A35 Sedan isn't a full-fledged AMG. PowerDrift, a YouTube channel, arranged a battle between two German sports sedans from different sectors.

Audi Q8 And The BMW X5

Sam from 'Sam CarLegion' brought two fast and strong SUVs to the drag strip to compete. The Audi Q8 was on one corner, and the BMW X5 was on the other. On paper, both SUVs are extremely comparable, making this a highly unpredictable contest. Which do you think will come out on top?



Supercar Blondie Demonstrate How The Color-Changing BMW IX Works

Supercar Blondie, a YouTuber, puts the BMW iX in a whole new light, literally.

Blondie the Supercar's CES experience demonstrates the BMW iX's color-changing function, which is quite amazing.

BMW M3 Coupe E92 Driven In The Snow Is Predictably Fun

While some people prefer to park their rear-wheel-drive automobiles in garages after the first snowflake falls, others are anxious to get their tail-happy vehicles out on the road. Tedward, a YouTuber, and his BMW M3 from the E92 generation are an example of this.



BMW M GmbH Enters Its Anniversary Year With A New Sales High.

BMW M GmbH finished the financial year as the global market leader in the performance and high-performance automobile class for the third time in a row. In fact, the corporation set new sales records in 2021. Last year, a total of 163,542 BMW M vehicles were supplied to customers worldwide, up 13% from 2020.

BMW M Officially Confirms 'Exclusive Special Edition' M4

Last month, a trustworthy BMW insider from the Bimmer Post forums said that a "Very special limited edition M4 will be built for only a few months, commencing November 2022." He was referring to a performance variant that was distinct from the CSL and included a manual gearbox as well as various enhancements above the M4 Competition.

BMW Group Sold 2,521,525 Cars In 2021

In 2021, the BMW Group sold 2,521,525 vehicles, setting a new sales record.

BMW's sales director announced at the start of the year that the core brand will be able to sell more than 2.2 million cars in 2021, and we now have the precise amount - 2,213,795 units.

Rumour Mill: BMW XM Will Get Three Different Powertrains

The BMW XM concept debuted late last year as the brand's first crossover developed purely as an M. However, just because it'll be a M doesn't imply it'll have only one powertrain or version.

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