️🕵️Updated 2024 BMW X5 Seen With New M60i Design

Dec 02, 2022 11:06 am


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Spy Photos

Updated 2024 BMW X5 Seen With New M60i Design


The current generation BMW X5 has been sold virtually unchanged since it entered production in late 2018. The large SUV is being unloaded from a car carrier in a new video, and a significant refresh is anticipated for sometime next year.

Less camouflaged 2023 BMW 5 Series spy photos reveal production cues.


Are you concerned that BMW, as it has done with recent products, will give the eighth-generation 5 Series a contentious design? Don't worry; the model, internally known as "G60," won't be shocking in terms of styling, if these spy photos are any indication.


Drag Races

In a drag race, see a Ferrari SF90 obliterate a super bike.


Production bikes are quicker than production cars on the low end. You could easily purchase a bike that could outrun any internal combustion vehicle that costs five times as much with a $10,000 budget.

A nail-biting drag race between a 620-HP Honda Integra Type R and an 800-HP BMW M5


Because of their potent engines and quick-shifting gearboxes, BMW M cars are a serious competitor in drag races. But this is no ordinary M5 F90; the super sedan has undergone a number of modifications to enable the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine to produce close to 800 horsepower.

Watch a C4 Corvette and an E24 BMW M6 drag race.


The BMW M6 from the E24 generation was a very quick car back then. Its large inline-six engine, which was bred for motorsports, was impressive for the 1980s and combined power and finesse unlike few other engines in the world. However, the price was also high.



BMW 5 Series E34 with turbocharger delivers 560 horsepower to the wheels.


Although BMW stopped making the E34 in 1996, interest in the third-generation 5 Series is still strong among enthusiasts. We're not necessarily referring to the top-tier M5, as fans of the Munich brand still value the less expensive models.

BMW M8 with 800 horsepower cannot travel at 186 mph on the autobahn.


One of the most competent production vehicles to ever leave Munich is the BMW M8. However, some enthusiasts feel that the factory-installed 4.4-liter twin-turbo engine's 625 horsepower (460 kilowatts) and 553 pound-feet (750 Newton-meters) of torque are insufficient.

View Onboard Video of the BMW M4 CSL as it laps the Sachsenring track.


Another German magazine put the Competition Sport Lightweight through its paces on a circuit after Sport Auto clocked the BMW M4 CSL's fastest lap at 1:50.1 around the Hockenheim track. Guido Naumann from Auto Bild tried the third CSL at the Sachsenring this time.

The closest thing to a BMW M7 ever produced is the 2023 BMW 760i.


BMW didn't produce an M7. It has previously produced M Performance variants of the 7 Series, like as the M760i, but it has never created a real M7, which is just as quick and competent as it is opulent.



The BMW 3.0 CSL.


A masterpiece of engineering that captures the spirit of 50 years of racing passion and expresses the company's historic roots in a legendary model designation is being unveiled by BMW M GmbH as the company's anniversary year comes to a close.

Walkaround Video Of The BMW 3.0 CSL Displays The Magnificent Sports Coupe


Following its online debut, the contemporary 3.0 CSL has made its way to Munich, where it is now on display at the BMW Welt. The "00" prototype will be followed by 50 consumer vehicles, each of which is anticipated to cost a staggering €750,000.

Manhart's BMW M5 debuts as a 788-horsepower super sedan.


Whatever level of power a performance vehicle comes with out of the box, some people will always want more. Even the M5 CS, which at launch was BMW's most potent production vehicle, has undergone tuning to add quite a few more horsepower for those who have an insatiable appetite for power.

After 10 hours of detailing, the BMW M3 E90 appears flawless.


This is not one of those videos where a car is saved by a fan from being left unattended and gathering dirt and grime for years on end.

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