️🕵️New Front Bumper of the BMW M5 Is Visible Through its Camouflage

Sep 16, 2022 10:06 am


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Spy Photos

New Front Bumper of the BMW M5 Is Visible Through its Camouflage


On its front end, which is now visible in these fresh photographs due to some of the camouflage being pulled back, is its front bumper. An M car's front bumper has a series of air intakes that are fairly standard. They are large, angular, and give it a very schporty appearance.

BMW XM Teased by BMW M CEO Frank van Meel Ahead of Reveal


Just a few weeks remain until the release of the BMW XM, which will be among the more intriguing BMWs in a very long time. It won't only be the M Division's first hybrid; we'll also get to see what they can do with a clean slate.

Production BMW XM Model for 2023 Is Teased With Illuminated Grille


BMW surprised everyone in the automobile industry in November 2021 when it unveiled the Concept XM, a vehicle with a striking look. A fresh teaser image posted on the BMW USA website hints the production version of the plug-in hybrid SUV is set to make its public debut.

BMW 3.0 CSL worth 750,000 euros seen in Italy


This year will mark the conclusion of the 50 Years of M festivities. BMW M will not only make one of their most recognizable cars again, but it will also be the priciest production series BMW has ever produced. One of M's best-kept secrets over the past two years was the 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL.



In-depth Video Dissection Of A BMW M3 E36 Manual In Estoril Blue


Every time a dealership posts a new video, it generally features a brand-new vehicle that is currently in stock. This perfect M3 E36, however, is not owned by BMW of Morristown, thus that is not the case in this instance.

Maserati Ghibli Trofeo vs. BMW M5 Competition 


A 580hp V8 was supposed to make the Ghibli an M5 rival, but has it happened?

Even after 20 years, a BMW M5 E39 is still a ton of fun to drive.


Before discussing the technical facts with you, let's first clarify a few points. You may save some time by skipping this article if you think the E39 M5 is basically a 20-year-old BMW 5-Series with a huge engine. Technically speaking, the M5 had a naturally aspirated 4.9-liter V8 engine that delivered 400 horsepower to the rear wheels using a six-speed manual gearbox.

Summer Range Test for the BMW i4 M50: Over 300 Miles


Bjrn Nyland recently range tested the top-of-the-line BMW i4 M50 variant in summer weather conditions and it did not dissapoint.

BMW i4 M50 Review by goodwood


Three flavors of the BMW i4 are available. Although they have convoluted nomenclature, in plain words, two of them are rear-wheel-drive family vehicles, while the third has an M badge and an infinite amount of torque.



Ramon Performance's BMW M5 Stingray Has a Mean Look and Sound


Even though the M5 F90 has been on the market for roughly five years, tuners are still interested in giving the Bavarian sports sedan extra power. BMW's own 627-horsepower CS model raised the bar for its AMG E63 competitor, but buyers are constantly looking for more.

E39 BMW M5 with Low Miles Sells for $135,000


The secondhand market for vintage BMW M vehicles is starting to grow out of control, especially when they are auctioned on specific auction websites. Only a few years ago, you could get an E30 M3 or an E39 M5 for less than the price of a brand-new M automobile.

This is why the G80 BMW M3 made a poor taxi at the Nurburgring.


The contrasts between the F80 M3 and the G80 M3, as well as the reasons why the latter is less effective as a "Ring taxi," are covered by Charoudin and his collaborator Robert Mitchell in this video. Nearly all quantitative and subjective metrics show that the G80 is superior to the F80. It has a superior interior and is quicker, sharper, more engrossing, entertaining, and more comfy. But that only applies to a road automobile. The G80 develops issues that the F80 doesn't when subjected to 30 laps per day, every day, of hell (pun intended).

The BMW M5 CS is equipped with an 887 HP tuning special thanks to G-Power.


G-Power is renowned for flamboyant BMW tuning, especially when it comes to the premium "Hurricane" line of vehicles.

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