️🕵️ 2023 BMW M2 reaches 292 KM/H on the autobahn.

Jul 29, 2022 10:06 am


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BMW LandIssue #90

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Spy Photos

A Colorful Rendering of the 2024 BMW 5 Series Is Released, But How Accurate Is It?


Before the luxury sedan's guaranteed 2023 debut, BMW has been seen testing the eighth-generation 5 Series prototypes several times.

BMW XM Is Rumored to Get a Bold Color Scheme


One of the most divisive looks in the history of the company will be found on the BMW XM. Its quirky new look aims to be completely unique to what the company has done in the past. A completely unique color scheme will be chosen for a design like that.

Prior to its official debut, the 2023 BMW M2 reaches 292 KM/H on the autobahn.


The highly anticipated G87 generation has already been tested by journalists, however BMW won't hold the global premiere of the new M2 until October. Not just journalists, but also Daniel Abt, a former racecar racer.



Watch The Angry 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL Speed Around The Nurburgring


BMW will round off the 50 years of M celebrations with the 3.0 CSL, a direct replacement for the homologation special of the same name from the early 1970s.

Harry Metcalfe Drive the BMW M635CSi, the first M Performance vehicle, in this video.


Back in its day, the BMW M635CSi was a humorous vehicle. In North America, it was referred to as an M6, but in its native continent of Europe, it was referred to as an M635CSi.

Check Out This E24 BMW M635CSi Barn Find in This Video


Harry Metcalfe was trying out an almost pristine BMW M635CSi when we last saw him. It was a beautiful vehicle that really served as the spiritual forerunner of vehicles like the BMW M8. The BMW M635CSi in this latest video, however, is in far worse condition.

On the autobahn, watch as the ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe reaches its top speed.


The ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe is one of BMW's quickest and best-looking vehicles. Okay, so the B8 is officially an ALPINA rather than a BMW.

BMW 330e With 420 HP Goes Into Overdrive On The Autobahn


Powerful hybrid There aren't many BMWs that have been adapted by tuners, but as the M division has shown its support for PHEVs, there will be more of them in the future.

Despite being good, is the BMW i4 M50 a driver's car?


Ciro di Siena drives the BMW i4 M50 in this brand-new Cars.co.za video, praising it but also raising whether it truly is a driver's vehicle.

Review of the new 2022 BMW 530e Touring


BMW improved the plug-in hybrid 5 Series estate design with model-year modifications that included additional technology. However, the 530e Touring retains its core strengths, combining excellent refinement and driving dynamics with a practical all-electric range, robust economy, and excellent interior quality.



Check Out Three Generations of BMW M Cars in New Photoshoot


Since its debut three decades ago, the BMW M3 has undergone significant transformation. The original E30 M3 was a lightweight, high-strung, road-legal touring vehicle of the late 1980s.

This E39 BMW M5 could have the most mileage in the whole world.


Despite being designed to provide drivers with a pleasurable driving experience, many performance vehicles spend the bulk of their lives in garages. Sport sedans and other, more utilitarian vehicles could get better gas mileage, but this E39 BMW M5 is exceptional.

Adding a Fee for Heated Seats is BMW's goal. These Hackers From the Grey Market Will Correct That.


The internet criticized BMW last week for a plan that would have made heated seats a $18/month membership service. A group of hackers who have been gaining access to BMW functions for years have now told Motherboard that they are willing to assist owners in gaining access to subscription-only services.

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