️🕵️New headlight design for the BMW i4 facelift has been spotted.

Aug 04, 2023 10:06 am


BMW Land│Issue #143

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Spy Photos

New headlight design for the BMW i4 facelift has been spotted.


The updated BMW i4 as seen in spy pictures. The new headlamp design is the article's main topic. The prototype vehicle is shown in the spy photos with partially hidden headlights, indicating a novel look for the i4. Despite the covers, the pictures show a headlamp form that is more streamlined and contemporary than the one on the current i4 model. According to the story, BMW may release this refreshed i4 as an upgraded model of the electric car to compete with rivals.

Here is the updated 2024 BMW M3 design.


Pictures show slight external design modifications, such as updated headlights and taillights as well as a new front grille. The post also makes reference to upcoming engine improvements, though specifics are not yet verified. Overall, the photographs suggest that the well-liked M3 model will get a revised look that keeps its sporting charm while adding small visual changes.

Spied As A Love Letter To Enthusiasts, The 2025 BMW M5 Touring


Spies have captured the 2025 BMW M5 Touring, which seems to be a "love message to aficionados." With flared wheel arches and four exhaust tips, this high-performance wagon has a strong appearance. It will likely be driven by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that will provide remarkable performance numbers. The M5 Touring is most likely to be equipped with BMW's xDrive all-wheel-drive technology, which guarantees the best handling and traction. It is anticipated to have a plush, technologically advanced interior that will provide for a relaxing and connected driving experience. All things considered, the 2019 BMW M5 Touring is projected to be an exhilarating fusion of strength, performance, and usability.


Drag Races

The 1,000 HP Hennessey-tuned Dodge Durango Hellcat falls short against the BMW M4.


This incredible amount of power was achieved by tuning a Chevrolet Corvette by Hennessey, who are known for their car modifications. In the piece, improvements to the car's twin-turbocharger system and other engine parts are highlighted. The Hennessey-tuned Corvette is anticipated to perform extraordinarily on the road with such a stunning power increase. This amazing feat of engineering and speed promises to raise the bar for high-performance automobiles, and auto aficionados are eagerly awaiting further information.

Mercedes-AMG C 43 is outperformed by the BMW M340i in a 100 KPH acceleration test.


According to autoevolution.com, a test comparing acceleration between the Mercedes-AMG C 43 and the BMW M340i demonstrated the BMW M340i's advantage. The assessment emphasizes how quickly the BMW model accelerates, easily outpacing its Mercedes competitor. The C 43 lagged behind the M340i with a time of 4.8 seconds for the 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) race. The study highlights the BMW M340i as a notable speed performance and illustrates its capacity to outrun a significant rival in the luxury automobile market.



BMW M3 Touring 2023 review


This high-performance member of the M3 family provides automobile fans with families with a sporty and roomy option. The M3 Touring's strong engine, sporty style, and suitability for everyday usage are highlighted on the website's specs and specifications page. The post targets readers looking for a premium car with a balance of performance and adaptability by providing a thorough review.

2023 BMW M2 Video Review 


The article emphasizes how the gearbox update has increased the M2's performance, which improves the driving experience. The author compliments the smooth gear changes and the enhanced power delivery, which make the ride more thrilling. The review also describes the many driving modes and how they affect how the automobile behaves. The article's conclusion notes that although while the 8-speed gearbox is a commendable improvement, purists may still choose the manual option.

Review of the ALPINA B5 GT: A Great Way to Finish an Era


ALPINA is an independent German automotive company known for its high-performance vehicles. They recently released the B5 GT, a limited edition of their 5 Series model, as a farewell to their B5 model line. The B5 GT offers increased power and performance over the standard B5 and features signature interior upgrades, a powerful engine, and enhanced handling capabilities.



BMW confirms the end of 6 Series GT production.


BMW Blog has reported that the manufacture of the BMW 6 Series GT would cease in 2023. The 6 Series GT, which debuted in 2017 as the 5 Series GT's replacement, was renowned for its roominess and opulent amenities. Unfortunately, it appears that there hasn't been much demand for this specific model, which has led to its anticipated demise. While the brand wants to adapt to shifting consumer tastes and market trends, this choice is consistent with BMW's concentration on electrified and crossover cars. The brand's overall effort to simplify its portfolio and adjust to changing demand is reflected in this move.

After receiving dismal results, BMW's CEO resigns.


After BMW's poor financial results, Harald Krueger, the CEO, has resigned. Due to the enormous expenditures associated with creating electric and driverless vehicles, the German automaker's profitability have decreased. Krueger, who spent three decades working for BMW, gave personal reasons for leaving the company, but his choice coincided with difficulties the business was facing due to changes in the sector. Like other automakers, BMW is attempting to adjust to the move toward electrified and self-driving vehicles, as well as the growing competition from tech behemoths. Now, the organization has to choose a new leader to guide BMW through current difficulties and to future success.

The BMW Group opens a parking and driving test facility.


In Sokolov, Czech Republic, the BMW Group has just opened a new testing facility for developing and testing autonomous driving and parking technology. The site, which covers more than 500 hectares, has a number of test tracks, a model city, and cutting-edge infrastructure for replicating real-world driving situations. Due to its sophisticated infrastructure, BMW will be able to test automated driving systems in a variety of conditions, including urban situations. The Sokolov proving ground is a crucial part of the BMW Group's Research & Development Network for highly automated driving, giving them a regulated and secure environment in which to test and improve their autonomous driving technology.

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