📰BMW reveals their new 'iFactory' strategy

May 06, 2022 10:06 am


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Spy Photos

Facelifted BMW X5 M60i LCI Seen — New Headlights, New Engine


The X5 SUV, one of BMW's most attractive vehicles, is getting a makeover that will deliver not just new design but also new substance. These of the new cosmetic changes, as well as a hint of its new mechanical modifications, can be seen in some fresh spy photographs.

New spy photos reveal the cabin of the BMW i5.


Today's second round of spy photographs reveals another future BMW, although this one is rather different from the last one. Instead of a large, V8-powered SUV, these new photographs show the future BMW i5, an all-electric car with some of its interior shown.

In Mexico, BMW teases the new M2.


BMW captured some photos of disguised M2 prototypes undergoing hot weather testing while in Mexico, where the M2 will be constructed. We can see a few M signatures through the camo covering, which masks several design details.


Drag Races

BMW X3 M40i Drag Races Genesis GV70


While many vehicles in the high-end sector excel at offering luxury, several companies also prioritize performance. When it comes to providing the best of both worlds, BMW is a shining example.

In drag and rolling races, the new BMW M240i takes on the old M2.


Since it is the interim range-topper from the G42 series, the new BMW M240i has been attracting a lot of interest. The new M2 will dethrone it in the coming months, but the M Performance variant was matched against the old flagship in the interim.



At the Nurburgring, a BMW M5 Competition with 850 horsepower was pushed to its limits.


Big and heavy, the BMW M5 is far from being the best track car. Even the CS with its extra power and lower weight is still a luxury sedan at the end of the day.

The BMW i4 M50 is tested by Doug DeMuro.


The iX and the i4 are currently BMW's sole electric vehicles on the market. Due to its unique appearance and wild interior, the former receives the most of the attention, although the latter is actually more essential.

BMW M3 Competition long-term review 


'M' is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. M had only a few staff in 1972, and its first project – the 3.0-litre CSL 'Batmobile' – didn't even have any M logos on it.



New BMW M3 Touring To Debut This June


When BMW originally teased the M3 Touring, it appeared to be ready for production. The first official M3 wagon has taken nearly two years to construct, and the wait may soon be over.

BMW reveals their new 'iFactory' strategy 


BMW plans to establish the world's first vehicle plant without the use of fossil fuels in its production processes at a new facility in Debrecen, Hungary, where the all-electric New Class will roll off the assembly line starting in 2025.

Top 5 Best Features of the G70 BMW 7 Series


This new BMW 7 Series is a technological powerhouse with luxury and technology amenities that rival the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Its press release was nearly obnoxiously long, simply because it was jam-packed with new material and techno-jargon.

The BMW XM will be the heaviest car the company has ever produced


When the BMW 7 Series G70 was unveiled, I was taken away by its weight. Despite being the smallest of the three, the 735i weighed in at 2,075 kg (4,574 lbs).

The BMW i7 2023 was captured at night with a dramatic light signature.


One second is all we get from this video, which was filmed in the wee hours of the morning. It's enough to reveal the 2023 BMW i7 xDrive60's striking light signature. This is a variant missing the optional Swarovski crystals in the daytime running lights, according to our sources.

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