️🕵️The arrival of the 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL Limited Edition is near.

Oct 07, 2022 10:06 am


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Spy Photos

The arrival of the 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL Limited Edition is near.


The celebrations for BMW M's 50th anniversary are drawing to an end as 2022 comes to a close. But the Garching-based racing team's final ace up its sleeve is the BMW 3.0 CSL. In many ways, the singular M model is hardly mysterious. So let's go over a few of our previous knowledge.

BMW M3 CS Seen Driving Quickly Around The Nurburgring


The legendary sports car from BMW will be given an even more extreme makeover with the BMW M3 CS. For track development, this one is spending some time on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Only specific areas of the automobile are camouflaged by the engineering staff.

A BMW CSL Hommage was seen circling the Ring.


The most recent footage of the BMW CSL Hommage lapping the Nürburgring appears to account for every ounce of power rumored to come from the straight-six. The exhaust system sounds less constrained, and the camouflaged coupe makes some nice noises sometimes while driving sideways.


Drag Races

Jeep Trackhawk and AMG GLC 63 are competing against BMW X3 M Comp in a large SUV race.


SUVs and crossovers are in high demand, and automakers have responded. The preference for family vehicles hasn't lessened the need for high-performance automobiles, either. Due to business adaptation, high-horsepower SUVs are now widely available.

Porsche 911 GT3 Competes Against BMW M4 CSL In Drag And Rolling Races


The M4 CSL in right-hand drive was featured in the first official photos issued by BMW UK earlier this week, and now we can see the exact same vehicle compete in a drag race.



Richard Hammond broke our V10 BMW M5!


Richard Hammond broke it after just one lap in our BMW M5 Touring. To analyze the effects of Richard's drive in the V10 estate and to get everything back in perfect condition, Mike brings the car back to Everything M.

BMW M5 CS Devours The Autobahn In Top Speed Run At Over 300 KM/H


You won't have much trouble finding someone to critique the M5 CS, even though some individuals love to despise BMW's most recent goods. The iconic super sedan resists the trend and continues to run on V8 engine alone without any hybrid help at the start of the electric era.

One of the top vehicles, the 2022 BMW M3 Road Test Review


For anything on four wheels, the Encinal and Decker Canyon roads provide significant difficulties. They require the driver's full attention since they are so tightly packed and twisted. Larger cars, even ones with generally excellent performance qualities, hardly make it through these roads. The 2022 BMW M3 is certainly not a little vehicle, since the most recent G80 3 Series generation has grown to dimensions similar to the legendary E39 BMW M5.

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Drives the BMW M4 CSL


Achilles claims in his most recent video that the M4 CSL does indeed deserve its price. First, despite having only 40 more horsepower than the basic M4 Competition, it seems far quicker than that vehicle. Although it is lighter, it is still not very light. Another thing to consider is how much better the steering is even if the wheel is still exasperatingly thick. Additionally, it seems more unique than the ordinary M4.

BMW i4 vs M340i comparison


The i4 from BMW is electric and a blast to drive. But is it superior to the manufacturer's M340i, which is equally priced? To discover out, we drove the two to some scenic driving routes. It's a soggy, monsoon-like day.



Launch of the new Kith x BMW line by Edward Norton


Kith and BMW's collaboration is still active. After engaging celebrities like Adrien Brody, Steve Buscemi, Giancarlo Esposito, and Jerry Seinfeld, Kith creator Ronnie Fieg has selected Boston-born actor Edward Norton to debut a new partnership with German carmaker BMW.

Expected in November, the BMW 3.0 CSL will have a hefty price tag.


If you thought the M4 CSL's local price was high, buckle up because the BMW 3.0 CSL will set you back an astounding €750,000. According to reports, a few manual models will be available starting in November.

The BMW CFO anticipates selling 400,000 all-electric vehicles.


In the upcoming year, a tsunami of EV purchasers is anticipated, according to The German automaker’s CFO, Nickolas Peter, Although the German carmaker has had a difficult year, according to BMW's CFO, things are beginning to improve. Profits were affected throughout the first part of the year by supply chain problems and lockdowns in China. In addition, when rising energy prices rattled the markets, demand slowed in Germany and the UK while remaining robust in France, Italy, and Spain.

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