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Jan 08, 2021 5:06 pm


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Spy Photos

Upcoming BMW i7 Could Have 300 miles of Range and 500 Horsepower

According to this new report from Car Magazine, the upcoming BMW i7 will be based on the brand's second-generation CLAR architecture, something we already knew. Styling is being done by BMW's Domagoj Dukec, and it will likely feature a big grille not dissimilar to the BMW iX's and upcoming i4's. Speaking of i4, the BMW i7 won't hit the market until around 2023 but certainly after both the i4 and i5 debut.

SPIED: BMW X7 Is Getting A Facelift

The BMW X7 is getting a facelift soon, and today is our first look at what BMW's biggest crossover will look like with the changes. The lights photographed don't look like production headlights. The Spy shooter didn't get to look inside, but the BMW is likely attending to the interior with this update, too.



2020 BMW 228i Gran Coupe Review: A Worthy Port of Entry

Life, according to the late New Yorker, is a long line of ever-expanding houses to put our stuff. Cars follow a similar path, each generation bigger than the last. The venerable BMW 3 Series, in current G20 form, has a longer wheelbase and is within six inches of the length of the first-generation, ’70s-era 7 Series. The 3 has grown so much that BMW has—like Audi and Mercedes-Benz before it—realized a smaller four-door can fit below it.

VIDEO: The Smoking Tire Drives the BMW M440i xDrive

North American journalists are just starting to get their hands on new 4 Series’ for typical tests and one of the more recent journos to get one was Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire. Farah has been outspoken about the new 4 Series’ styling, as are many journalists, but this video shows his first experience driving it. So can the new and improved driving dynamics of the BMW M440i xDrive help him forgive the looks?

2021 BMW M550i xDrive review: All the M5 you really need

The BMW M550i xDrive is 90% of the car the M5 is, and in some ways, it's actually better. The M550i offers strong V8 power and a long list of tech and creature comforts. What it lacks in outright track-attack ferocity it more than makes up for with greater overall balance and a much nicer ride quality.


Drag Races

Video: Tuned BMW X4 M40i Drag Races Porsche Macan Turbo

Looking over the specs of a BMW X4 M40i and a Porsche Macan Turbo these days, you'd think these two are not proper rivals, and you'd be right. The drag race we have for you here today is a bit different as it comes with a twist because the Porsche Macan Turbo in this test is an older model and not the newer, more powerful model. The Porsche Macan received a mild facelift this year and the Turbo model got the biggest changes of the entire range.

This 700HP BMW M140i Drag Race A 660HP Audi TT-RS Performance

Once the race begins, power certainly does matter-as proven in a recent video from the YouTube channel Gumbal featuring what might just be the world's fastest tuned BMW M140i taking on a modified Audi TT-RS Performance in a battle of power versus all-wheel-drive traction. The video largely features the Pure Turbo BMWs taking on a wide range of competition after warming up against a few sad matchups like a Volkswagen GTI. The Audi TT-RS looks to present the most real challenge, probably thanks to its turbocharged inline-five pumping either 660 or 680 horses to all four wheels through a front-drive biased all-wheel-drive system.

Video: BMW M8 Competition vs Shelby GT500 and Polestar 1 drag race

We're looking at the M8 against the Shelby GT500 and the Polestar 1. First, they drag raced the Polestar 1 against the Shelby GT500. Then the guys decided to have the winner from this race go up against the BMW. The M8 Competition is a drag strip favorite as it has all-wheel drive, launch control and 625 HP to play around with.



Video: BMW M3 and M4 Product Manager shares insights into the cars

The video below gives us some insights into the developing process. The new models are softer on the road and harsher on the track compared to the old F8x generation M cars which should be exactly what the customers asked for.

Video: 25-year-old BMW E36 328i posts incredible numbers on dyno

In the footage below we get to see a BMW E36 328i put on the dyno and the numbers shown at the end of the measurement are something to behold. The E36 BMW 328i was built between 1995 and 1998 and used the M52B28 engine under the hood. As a matter of fact, the 328i was the most powerful E36 model of that generation, M-car excluded.

BMW Used V10 Soundtrack For M2 Video And The Internet Went Mad

That V10 sound is unmistakable but couldn't be further removed from the M2's actual engine, which is a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six. BMW's message of wishing everyone farewell to 2020 and welcoming in the new year ended up being completely lost in the uproar, so much so that the marque has now removed the offending video entirely. Other users, such as automotive journalist Jason Cammisa on Instagram, reposted the video, so we can relive BMW's awkward end to 2020 over and over again.

New Teaser For The New BMW I4 M50 XDrive, The German Brand Confirms Its Debut In 2021

Those from Munich have already confirmed the debut of the new BMW i4 with a new teaser, showing the sportier version that will be, incidentally, the first fully electric BMW M model. BMW has presented a new teaser, the second, this time with the new BMW i4 M50 xDrive leaving a facility, betrayed by the horn-shaped mirrors that we have seen on the two occasions that he has posed in spy photos.

This 1986 BMW 745i is asking for 185,000 Euros

What we're looking at here is a 1986 E23 BMW 745i that recently popped up for sale online in Munich. As a matter of fact, the BMW 745i E23 was the first turbocharged 7 Series ever made. As for the car, according to the ad, this was a one-off built for the 1986 Geneva Motor Show.

Jet Black BMW Z8 With Just 17k Miles Is Up For Sale

One would be tempted to say that it's the James Bond association that gets people murmuring when discussing the Z8 but for us, the most important part of this car and the most appealing feature hides under the hood. It's no surprise then that prices for these cars have gone up recently and will continue to do so, most likely. Everything looks pristine and the car only has 17,000 miles on the clock, one of the lowest-mileage models out there.

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