I told myself I wouldn't do these. Oops. 😂

Feb 09, 2024 8:00 am


Hello !

This is just a very short newsletter today. As the title says, I told myself I wouldn't do any more anthologies. The first one I ever did was kind of a mess 😅. But when I had two people approach me, I said, well, they're short stories. Let's give it one more go. Or two more, I should say.

I've been sitting here sick all week, so I never got any painting done, but I managed to wrap up my part of one Anthology, and I'm about to start my part for the second one soon. The first one, I think turned out so good, and I'm excited to start the next one. I hope you check out below and see what's in store for you!



Release date: April 12, 2024

This one is going to be SO much fun. My contribution was fun to write.



✨Fourteen of your favorite LGBTQ authors are bringing you hot, new stories from one of your favorite party games… Truth or Dare! ✨

Take a ride on the wild side and enjoy fourteen fresh stories, all with a different take on this go-to party game. From sugary sweet to red hot spice, come join these authors as they show you what can happen when you choose truth or dare.💋

Authors include:

Courtney W. Dixon

Isla Olsen

Jacey Davis

Joe Satoria

Kota Quinn

Nic Starr

R.A. Frick

Ray Celar

Rikki Leighton

RM Neill

RS McKenzie

Sienna Sway (SA Sway)

Travis Beaudoin

Zoe Piper

My Contribution is this one. And it's... 🥵. I've got a fun PA and his very hot boss!





Release date: August 6, 2024

Surrender to the seductive power of mafia dons, bad boys, and ruthless assassins in After Dark. Are you ready to explore the depths of forbidden pleasure?



The best things happen… After Dark


Enter a realm of passion and danger, where desire thrives in the shadows. In After Dark, meet heroes who play by their own rules, from mafia enforcers and rebellious bad boys to motorcycle club kings, dominant lovers, ruthless hitmen, and cunning assassins.


Succumb to the magnetic pull of anti-heroes who walk the fine line between darkness and desire.


Witness their fiery chemistry as they navigate a world where love is as dangerous as it is intoxicating.


Explore the depths of pleasure, pain, and power as love blossoms in the most forbidden corners of the heart.


From the seedy streets of the underworld to the heights of ecstasy, these stories will leave you spellbound and craving more. Get lost in this intoxicating escape into a world where danger and passion collide.


Are you ready to be seduced by those who defy convention and embrace the darkness within? Order your copy now and let the allure of these anti-heroes consume you.


Including stories from:

Stephanie Morris - USA Today bestselling author

Courtney Dean-USA Today Bestselling Author

Bella Emy - USA Today Bestselling Author

Charmaine Louise Shelton

VK Holt

Euryia Larsen

Rachel Radner

Darah Lace

KyAnn Waters

Tara Lee

Tristina Brockway

Ali Rivers

Dilana Rose

Courtney W. Dixon



His Bane is now with my editor. I'm not sweating. You're sweating.

Honestly, I'm so excited about this book. You should see my internet browsing history on the amount of disturbing research on did for this book 😅.



He is mine. I don't care how long it takes. I will have Malik Amin.

Sullivan Beauchamp

Some people call me a monster. A psychopath. As if I care what others think. So what if I relish in the mayhem of slaughter or enjoy feeling the life blink out of someone? I am who I am. It was Malik who eventually brought me to his home and trained me to hone my skills to work under him as an assassin. Malik Amin is my equal, and he will be mine in all ways as soon as I can chip away at his ridiculous and completely unnecessary self-loathing.

Malik Amin

Sully lost everything as a teenager on my order. When I found him covered in blood four years later, I should have put him down, knowing what he was. Instead, I took him in to train him. It works for us until he wants me more than as a mentor. I cannot allow it. But if Sully is anything, he is a master at persuasiveness and discovering my weaknesses.

🩸 Mentor/Student

🩸 Age Gap

🩸 Assassins

🩸 Dark Romance

🩸 Blood Kink

🩸 Hate Sex

🩸 Psychopathy

🩸 Found Family

🩸 Proximity

🩸 Obsession

Here's a little tease.



Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my next newsletter on His Bane release day. I have a short story that's over 3,700K. ‘Bloody Valentine’ is a bonus chapter from His Bane.

What do you give a psychopath for Valentine’s Day and his birthday two days later? What says, “I love you, Sully?” Well, Malik has a good idea of what to give to his lover this year.





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I am very engaged in my group, and it's not all promoting. I try to create bookish discussions, and my group is the first to learn of upcoming events, cover reveals, etc.


Not only am I an author, but I'm a reader. I also do book reviews.


Free Shorts!

Call Me Daddy - Impact Zone - Prequel

In Culmination - Series Epilogue (six shorts in one)

Forever is Family - A Home in You - Epilogue

Cat & Mouse - His Death Bringer Epilogue

In case you missed them or couldn't download them because you are already a subscriber, here you go. Enjoy! (Please note that In Culmination is a combination of MF/MM shorts)

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