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Apr 12, 2024 11:11 pm


Hello !

I can't believe we're already in mid-April. Time is moving way too fast, and I'm struggling to keep up. What happened to those days when they dragged? How I wish for those days to return, lol.

There are lots of exciting things going on right now. Game Night: Truth or Dare Anthology is LIVE! It's a hit, too! I hope you check it out. Outplayed paperbacks have been finished, including an alternate cover and an illustrated special edition cover (cover reveals coming soon). I'm also doing an ARC Call for Outplayed (see below).

Even more special, because I'm working on Book 2 from the Alpha's Rejects series, I've listed Stix & Stone as a freebie in a special event. Keep reading below to get your copy if you haven't read it yet!



Game Night: Truth or Dare Anthology



✨Eleven of your favorite LGBTQ authors brought you hot, new stories from one of your favorite party games…Truth or Dare! ✨

Take a ride on the wild side and enjoy eleven fresh stories, all with a different take on this go-to party game. From sugary sweet to red hot spice, come join these authors as they show you what can happen when you choose truth or dare. 💋

Authors include:

Courtney W. Dixon

Joe Satoria

Kota Quinn

Nic Starr

R.A. Frick

Rikki Leighton

RM Neill

RS McKenzie

Sienna Sway

Travis Beaudoin

Zoe Piper

Propositioning the Boss is my contribution:



It was only supposed to be a simple dare during a party. He was my boss, and I was his personal assistant. Propositioning him could get me fired. I could have said no, but part of me was curious as to what my hot boss would say. Would he go for it? It was slightly terrifying, but I’d had a crush on him for three years.


My PA texted me, telling me he wanted me. Was this a joke? It was highly unprofessional. But a part of me was curious if he was serious. I had been attracted to him since he started working for me. But he was hands-off, as much as I wanted my hands on him.



COMING MAY 10, 2024



It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.


Cooper Summers is a rising football star at the University of Texas. And he happens to be my new roommate. He’s amazing and surprisingly chill. It doesn’t take us long to form a strong friendship. But serendipity is a funny thing. I suddenly find myself wanting to explore my sexuality with Cooper. Let’s just say he’s hot. The only problem is that we’re both straight, and Cooper is especially so. Will he go along with my crazy idea? All I need to do is ask.


Aspen Harper is a singer in a band, the most easy-going person I’ve ever met, a total hippie. But he also has his quirks, like walking around naked and carrying his pet rat on his head. After a night of heavy drinking, Aspen stumbles into my bed and comes up with the craziest idea. He wants to explore our sexuality together, but only for fun. Nothing serious. I’ve been struggling to get over my last girlfriend, so I agree with his ridiculous idea. The problem is that I like him more than I should.

💗 College romance

💗 Double Bi-Awakening

💗 Pansexual

💗 Bisexual

💗 Friends to Lovers

💗 Golden Retriever MMC

💗 Forced Proximity

💗 Bro-Jobs

💗 Friends with Benefits

💗 Roommates


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I'm more than halfway done with Pippin & Nacho. I'm not where I want to be, but it will all fall in line and be on time.

Coming June 28, 2024



Pippin (Sampson)

I’m broken, hiding my pain behind fake smiles and pretend joy. Inside, I’m a mental mess between being tossed into conversion therapy and foster care as a kid. I struggle to focus and suffer anxiety, panic attacks, and nightmares. My passions for skateboarding and bartending make me happy enough. But only Nate, my former foster brother and best friend, calms me and keeps me going forward. I’m not sure what I would do without him. Even worse, I secretly love him. Loving him could mean losing him.

Nacho (Nathan)

I’d been in and out of foster care for as long as I could remember. My last home was with Sam. We quickly became friends, and I instantly went into protective mode. After Sam got hurt by our foster father, I took Sam out of there and watched over him for two years while living on the streets. When you spend a lifetime not being wanted by anyone, you crave being needed, and Sam needs me. But I secretly love him. I’ve told my friends I don’t want to ruin my friendship with Sam. The truth is if we don’t work out, I won’t be there to take care of him. Sam’s needs are more important than my feelings.

⭐ Best Friends to Lovers

⭐ Neurodivergent

⭐ Urban Romance

⭐ Skater Boys

⭐ Found Family

⭐ Hurt/Comfort

⭐ Foster Brothers

⭐ First Time for Both MCs




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I've been taking care of myself for as long as I can remember. Kicked out as a teen, I’ve gone from living on the streets to earning money in any way possible. My life has never been easy, but it’s still mine.

Now Evan, a mafia enforcer, has taken a liking to me. He thinks he can “save” me. Well, he can f**k right off. I'm never going to be dependent on anyone else ever again.

Because if I start to fall for him, if I start to rely on him, it'll hurt even worse when he inevitably decides to dump me just like everybody else does.




There’s a beast inside me, urging me to kill.

As a psychiatrist, I expect to encounter psycho- and sociopathic patients. I never have the urge to kill them. Until one patient triggers that need inside me. I expect the kill to be easy, just like the others. What I don’t expect is to want to possess my patient’s boyfriend, June. As soon as I lay eyes on June, I know he’s mine. He’ll find out soon enough.


Wanting to be happy shouldn’t cost me my life.

I’m happy with my boyfriend and I’m ready to take our relationship to the next level. Until I find out he’s a serial killer and I’m slated to be his next victim. I’m saved by a handsome older man just in the nick of time…the same handsome man that stared into my soul at my coffee shop. Even though he scares me, I feel a connection to Blu York. One I want to deepen.




I didn’t work my whole life to get into the NFL to sit on a bench, but starting quarterback Addison Kelly is keeping me here.

I want to hate him for it, but Addison is as charming in real life as he is on TV, and the closer we get, the more I care for him.

With an obsessed ex, a bad injury and a secret, Addison has a lot to deal with this season and somehow, I’ve become his main confidant.

I may get to play after all, but handling hearts is a lot harder than catching footballs.


There’s something about our reserve quarterback that makes me want to risk it all. My image, my past, and maybe even my safety.

I can’t help but get close to him and when Callum accepts me as I am, it makes me feel like love is worth taking chances on.

I’ve let a lot get in my head, my crazy ex, my fear of rejection, but now it looks like I can finally face all that. IfCallum is willing to hold my hand while I do.



When the person you desire is so close, and yet so far.


I've been in love with my best friend and roommate since the first day of boarding school over a decade ago. But Preston has always been oblivious, obsessed with his PhD research, and more importantly, straight.

When the new, sexy grad student walks into my gym, I have to wonder... is it time for me to move on?


Some guy is trying to steal my best friend. I won't let him. Sawyer's mine.

Maybe I haven't appreciated Sawyer enough over the years, but that's going to change now. I'll do whatever it takes to keep him by my side. Even if it means kissing him.



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Free Shorts!

Call Me Daddy - Impact Zone - Prequel

In Culmination - Series Epilogue (six shorts in one)

Forever is Family - A Home in You - Epilogue

Cat & Mouse - His Death Bringer Epilogue

All the Ways I Hate You - Stix & Stone Prologue

Bloody Valentine - His Bane Bonus Chapter

In case you missed them or couldn't download them because you are already a subscriber, here you go. Enjoy! (Please note that In Culmination is a combination of MF/MM shorts)

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✨Fourteen of your favorite LGBTQ authors are bringing you hot, new stories from one of your favorite party games…Truth or Dare! ✨



The best things happen… After Dark

Enter a realm of passion and danger, where desire thrives in the shadows. In After Dark, meet heroes who play by their own rules, from mafia enforcers and rebellious bad boys to motorcycle club kings, dominant lovers, ruthless hitmen, and cunning assassins.


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