Ben's Comp Newsletter: Special Issue 01

Jul 24, 2023 3:01 pm


Ben's Comp Newsletter

Special Issue 01 -- Python

Hey ,

Welcome to the first of a limited run of Ben's Comp Newsletter. Firstly, if you took the time to respond to my short survey a few months ago, thank you. The results are directly driving this newsletter, and the next few that will come!

You are going to receive an email each Monday morning (PST) for the next few weeks, with a curation of the best resources to learn about some technical Compositing topics.

By far, the most requested topic that experienced Compositors want to learn about is Python. If you're following this newsletter, there's a good chance you already know about my course, Python for Nuke 101. It is proving to be popular within our Comp Community, helping almost 1000 Compositors learn Python!

Since my course was released, there are far more Python-related resources for Compositors out there! To satisfy your hunger, I've curated some of the best Python-related resources geared to Compositors in this newsletter.

Best Paid Resources.


Python for Nuke Artists.

The amazing Adrian Pueyo has recently released a new course, Python for Nuke Artists. It is longer, and more comprehensive than Python for Nuke 101. If you're wanting to sharpen your grasp of the basics, or start learning from scratch, I'd highly recommend you check this course out.

Adrian has kindly offered you a 10% discount -- simply enter the promo code: BEN10 at checkout.

Check out the course.


Introduction to Pipeline Development for Nuke Artists.

I recently had the pleasure to check out Tim Adams' new course. If you're like me, and like systems that help eliminate the busy work from your day and improve consistency, you will enjoy this course.

Tim shows how you can set up a personal pipeline at home, geared towards freelance work. Even if you don't freelance, it's an interesting look into configuring environment variables, writing configurations for importing/exporting to client specifications, etc.

It's quite a unique and helpful resource for a low price! If you sign up before July 31st using the code LETSCODE, you'll get it for $99.

Check out the course.

Best Free Resources.


Python for (Nuke) Compers.

Anthony Tan has a fantastic series of tutorials on YouTube covering single topics, or questions, about how you can leverage Python in Nuke. The first videos in the playlist start with some of the basics, and by the end, get into some pretty technical stuff that will likely answer some questions you'll have as you continue using Python in your day-to-day work.

Check out the YouTube Playlist.


My Blog.

I have a few practical examples of how I've used Python in the past on my blog. These include tips on dynamically adding/removing knobs from gizmos, keeping your bbox small, "topnode" functionality with Python, etc.

Check out the blog.

What I'm Learning

I've been diving into PyQT, learning about how to create UIs. Andrea Geremia has a great tutorial that helps get started with the basics. However, this resource has been great for helping me understand what I'm doing more holistically.

That's it for this week! Of course, if you already know about these resources and are hungry for more, please reply to this email and let me know. I'll do my best to point you in the right direction, or perhaps make a tutorial covering a specific topic you're curious about.

Happy Comping,