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Dec 06, 2020 7:13 pm



Today is my birthday! Every year I ask my friends to give me a very special birthday present- putting extra kindness out into the universe! If you get a chance, would you do a random act of kindness for me today? Buy someone a cup of coffee, pick up a piece of trash, rake someone’s leaves, hold the door open, clean out your pantry and donate unopened food to the food bank, buy a toy for a toy drive… there is so much you can do! Write an encouraging note or email for someone or call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Forgive a past wrongdoing done to you or apologize for something you’ve harbored for a long time… there are many, many ways you can put happiness, kindness and selflessness into the world.

I wish I could come do something kind for each and every one of you. I hope you all know how much I appreciate and value you. You matter. Your life is important. You have a purpose and a meaning here on earth. Even if all you do today is wake up, that is enough.

My book, Daddy’s Justice from the Super Daddies Anthology is free today on Amazon! It is a small way of saying thank you.

RJ Gray

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The next holiday arrives at Rawhide Ranch


Sadie's Little Christmas by Maren Smith


Sadie has waited all the eighteen years of her life to grow up. Having finally reached the magical age of adulthood, she’s not about to let anything—or anyone—put her back in the nursery. But when her first attempt at stretching her submissive wings turns deadly, not only is her confidence shaken but she finds herself a guest at Rawhide Ranch and, in specific, of Derek Hawkins himself.

The ranch owner is handsome, dominant, and he doesn’t hesitate to take charge when she misbehaves. His strong right hand is the balm her soul desires, but Derek is a Daddy Dom and it’ll take more than a hot bottom for her to willingly become anyone’s Little. It might just take a Christmas miracle…

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Other new releases by my author friends

imageI'm a captive.

A hostage of the ruthless new regime.


Until one day he saves me.

He takes me under his wing and breathes life into me.

But can the man in charge of Fortorus be my knight in shining armor?

Can my captor really be my savior?

From USA Today bestselling author, Felicity Brandon, comes a dark, edgy new dystopian romance. 

Hold tight, and let this fast-paced, gripping drama leave you breathless.

imageI was an innocent virgin. They didn't care.

Even good girls sometimes need a little discipline.

But they're going to do much more than just spank me.

They're going to make me be a very, very naughty girl for them.

First she will blush. Then she will beg.

Protecting her is our job. Taming her will be our pleasure.

By the time we are done with her, she won't just be screaming our names.

She'll be calling us daddy.

imagePlaying with fire never burnt so good.

It was only an innocent game to catch the attention of the firefighter, but young Veronica Sanchez is about to learn that stepping into a burning building comes with consequences. Girls on fire need to get doused, and Mike is just the man for the job.

A steaming hot short story for adults.

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