15 : Ari Galper  | Trust based Selling

You are probably studying the best sales programs or reading the best sales books, but you have still not managed to get that breakthrough sale. What could you not be getting right?  In today’s episode, we talk to Ari Galper, the founder, and CEO of...

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Nov 22, 2021
14 :  Prosper Taruvinga | Know your Market

Every entrepreneur looks for tips to yield a higher return on investment. Digital marketing is one of the strategies to build your own  personal brand and increase revenue.  How do you identify your target market, clarify your message to your target...

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Sep 20, 2021
30 :Cris Santos | Go out and promote your brand

Can you use social media to grow your business?     In this episode, Cris A. Santos ,  a content creator/blogger that writes about travel, fashion, and lifestyle will share with us why you need to have great content and storytelling.    She also said...

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Sep 06, 2021