The start of our BNL weekly newsletter....

Feb 23, 2021 11:34 pm


Dear Beloveds

This is the first draft of our weekly communication that we will be transitioning to (that means no reminders prior to our Community Conversations 😊 ....we gently urge you to put the days, times and zoom links in your calendar). You will be able to find these links along with our Brave New Life Community Offerings at the bottom of all future emails. Current events and other relevant information will be posted at the top of all correspondence.

Weekly ZoomBloom Links:

Sundays 8pm(EST) Monday 9am(PERTH)

Thursday 10am(EST) 15pm(UK) 23pm(PERTH)

Missed the last Community Conversation?

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Get in the online conversation at:

For those of you with an IPhone or IPad get in the conversation at CLUBHOUSE (follow Imani Mamalution to be invited to future rooms and chats)

We are just in the initial stages of figuring this out but feel this app is a precursor to the new emerging social media platforms and could be very well received by our BNL Community. We are actually in conversations to have our very own branded app with similar functions (but even more amazing)!

More photos from Imani's recent Syntropic Journey to hug all of you! The next adventure begins the end of March starting in Texas and then to San Diego and back to Mexico! Stay tuned for a full recap and update!






For those of you in New England - you are invited to join her for this week's Freedom Potluck (space is limited - RSVP required)

Email to attend


Other Relevant Brave New Life Community Offerings:

Souvereign's Course in Syntropy

3 weeks of submersion email communication with Souvereign

to activate the language and intergration of Syntropy

-Highly Recommended by Imani

Imani Mamalutions' Podcast


Heartsong Quotes from Our Beloved Brother Bob


Bob is (by now) an intrinsic part of our community calls. He is sharing from the Gift of Depression and is sharing almost daily from his heart here

May Your Cells Be Nourished & Your Heart Be Filled With Love 💞

Imani & Souv

avatar April
I like where you're going with this, Souvereign...YAY! You might be the only man I know who can see the merits in this statement and how it applies: For me the only way power exists and remains valid is while is is the byproduct of Spiritual Strength - for me this is the only way I can ever be climbing to have any power - I come to this conclusion based on decades of spiritual practices and disciplines.... And after a long while I've self-reflection and getting feedback from others who are reliable observers of these matters and who have claimed to see Power in me.... And I have always Eschewed power from the age of 9 when I realized that power drops and money the instrument of spreading the corruption and infecting us. In Loving Kindness.. the point is not to go for power but strength instead. April