Cultivating a Syntropic Mindset

Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and Self Love. This is a return to our innate natural knowing of how Life within us truly functions. Enjoined with a roadmap to re-member who we really are. Through sharing from the three internal Schools of Syntropy, Sover...

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Sep 16, 2021
The Value of Emotions

With Emotions being the language between the inner and the outer world and commonly related to as energy in motion, really what emotions are are much more than just that. They carry story, information a message from the internal landscape about the e...

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Sep 07, 2021
Dear Universe…

“Dear Universe…I haven’t always been as grateful as I could have been… You know, …trauma-based stories around money from early childhood imprinting, conflicting my creative expressions and desires to share ME with others and that “having to have” a m...

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Aug 20, 2021
Sharing with you on Brave New Love

Kiaora oh so loveable human! How have your recent weeks been? I had the fantasy of sharing a bit more regularly with you what feels relevant to share and speak around… well that was a nice fantasy! Instead, I have found myself rotorless and without d...

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Jun 17, 2021

Women are lost for explenations… What is really going on? What is really at stake?You may have seen this clip: This recording is to give you understanding what is going on, how it is happening, w...

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May 07, 2021
Syntropic Answers to the Madness

do you have some syntropic answers to the madness all spreading its venom…? #dreamwisely tend your mindgardens with care and Lovingkindness–The-form–the-intrinsic-from-within—Exploring-our-Blu...

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Mar 08, 2021

She was my ultimate reflection.Simply by being.Exposing, revealing, unveiling me,naked onto myself,This mind,I finally returned,to Nature in the raw,In the real, in the living,In her reflectionLife, Love, self sovereignty in human ecology,Became agai...

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Mar 06, 2021

Remember I wrote to you about my latest acronym SHE..? (If you haven’t, consider having a read here: Well, I thought to record it for my own process so I could listen to that a few more times, there seem...

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Mar 04, 2021

Syntropy. Thank you for reminding me what Love feels like.Thank you for staying curious and open.Thank you for showing me how Life functions in its own rhythm and natural timing. As below, so above.As within, so without. I can feel you now.and all I...

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Feb 23, 2021