Community Sharings

Aug 11, 2021 5:44 am


Welcome to our new community Sharings!

We hope you like what we've come up with so far and invite you to help it grow from the inside out.

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Did you know that there are soooooo many Circles with a diversity of topics on the BNL website?

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How DO we live with what we know?

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MA Hemp Workshop

New Mexico Hemping Workshop

For everyone in or near NYC, there is a rally planned for Sunday August 15th at Gracie Mansion at 3;30pm at 181 East End Ave. (corner of 88th St & East End Ave) against the Mayors recent shot mandates! Please be there are spread the word if you can!!

We also want to celebrate the amazing creative talent that we have within our community. So if you have any poems, songs, photography, art work, or any other words or images that depict your particular creative genius, then send it in and we'll include it here...just like this...


Leaves of Love growing in Our Hearts, Seeds planted in times past, now Illumined by Eternity's brightened Skies. - words and image by Karyna Swing.


A Turn in the Tide - by Vikki Smisek

There’s a turn in the tide

Be sure to wisely chose your side

Don’t believe what your being told

It’s always been about the lies we’re sold

But the truth is coming out in all its glory now

The light and the shadows showing us how

We’ve been so programmed, we’ve lost our way

But the time has come for us to rise up and say

I stand for love for truth for freedom

Enough of this agenda to render us numb

Disconnected from our source, our righteous divine

It’s time to return to all that is innately yours and mine

Sovereignty, abundance, connection and joy

It’s ours for the taking, don’t allow it to die

Together united in truth we make a stand

For you, for me, for all beings…hand in hand

There’s a turn in the tide

And yes, there’s a divide

A natural separation of the awake and the asleep

Only some will make it, the strong not the weak

We need to accept it, there’s only one way forward

Alchemise your grief into empowerment and raise up your sword

Not to fight but to exclaim

They will not overpower us, we will remain

In our truth in our light

Standing up for what’s right

You chose this experience, to be here now

So get behind that decision, stand tall and stand proud

Oh yes, there’s a turn in the tide, call in your tribe

Buckle up, stay grounded, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!


Brave New Life anyone??


If you have any ideas for OUR VOICES, OUR STORIES, OUR COMMUNITY, please let us know.

We honour the courage it takes to share our hearts within our community, whether by writing or by speaking... this empowers us ALL. Let's all keep stepping into our Brave New Lives!

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