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Jan 12, 2022 7:03 pm



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We are once again celebrating the amazing creative talent that we have within our community. Please accept our apologies for the lapse in time between editions.

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Once upon a dream, off in the distance, stands a woman of great dignity and humble power.

This woman has suffered greatly in her life – and through the suffering and solitude, she has gained great compassion and wisdom.

An assembly of other women are gathered at the feet of the woman who is speaking from a platform. These other women soak up the words of wisdom and inspiration from the woman who is speaking – like water soaking into a sponge.

When the woman speaks her words to the crowd, she waives a large clear light globe to emphasize certain ideas – and, periodically, the light globe lights up brightly all on its own as the light globe is not plugged into any visible power source. **Remember…this is once upon a dream…!! But, then as the song lyrics say: β€œLife is But A Dream.”

This strong and authentic woman is the power source for all who gather around to hear her message of light and love.

We are all bearers of light. Each, in our own way, is plugged into the Divine Light of Love. This sacred love lights up a spark in each of us to be expressed and shared with others. Each one’s expression of this loving light will be as unique and authentic as each individual. And, as all the sparks of light meet and join with one another, a roaring bonfire of love and warmth spreads across the Earth, the Universe, even into the far-away Galaxies of space…and what a glorious bonfire it is!

Once upon a dream…can you feel the Love, Light, and Peace?

And so it is!





Hi, I wanted to share a song I put together recently Corrie πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


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iam no longer...




 (AVTeague (c) 2021)



You will R I S E again

like the sun does

and awaken with the dawn

with a renewed mind & a new hope

a new heart

a new spirit

with a new F I R E

and a new resolve

tears come at night

but J O Y

comes in the morning

It is well

It is well

With my Soul





We Are Open Circle has a extremely informative & very supportive monthly listening circle called Getting to Know You. This is offered by donation. A dynamic way to practice listening while providing an audience to people who are telling their stories. Check it out and register at


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Hi! I'm Shira Notes, I wanted to share my track Something Beautiful with you

Something Beautiful | Shira Notes (


 From Wise Womoon RUTHEE:

News Alert: Your DNA is a rainbow factory, now let's dance!🎊


Many people will likely leave. But this will not be death so much as a re-meeting of ourselves in deeper alignment within. What is truth, purity and consonant with nature will remain. What has another source or has been taken over by negative high frequencies will incinerate. Right now it seems like everything is getting worse. I understand. In everyday reality it definitely is. But there is more to reality than just this. Nothing which is truly yours can be lost. Nothing which destroys can endure. Its own self nature means it will destroy itself. Love is love. Truth is truth. You are a being of love. And our loved ones are already a part of us, whether they stay or go. The pain will likely break our hearts open as we endure the devastation of everything we know. But in this will be born a deep inner fire which will engulf us. This, is the fire of freedom.





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I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.


Once again please accept our apologies for not publishing this in a timely manner but felt it was good so place it here for your reading enjoyment.

the holidaze they are upon us

or 'barreling down' some might be sayin'

when families gather the glow of togetherness

to give thanks and share their carin'


the fires have gotten hotter though

and though we try to keep it light we

want to strengthen what to us makes sense

while the ones who see things differently

are conspicuous in their absence


cuz the elephant is in the room

the eggshells on the floor

have we lost the art of conversation

is communication just the loudest lions roar?

or maybe we just shut the door.


might be it's all about the way

we communicate what we have to say while

being neutral and respectful to the different points of view

and allowing for the most important part

of me being me and you being you...

berdalee 11/17/21



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50,000-Pound Whale Tucks Scuba Diver Under Its Fin to Protect Her From Nearby Shark




to uneducated persons from our Beloved Karyna

dear Daniel and Michele, 

there is so much here i would like to address. i am no danger to any one. i never want to harm or disrespect anyone. 

pandemic lockdown 2019/2020/2021 and now 2022 has turned into a nightmare from every angle. it is incredible that this event is talking place the way it is. i am no scientist. my accolades are few. i am far under any radar of society. i do not accept most of what the current society sees as normal. i have always held views very different than my peers.

but i am a human on Planet Earth. and my opinions and formulations about how to navigate on this Planet are as valid as any other. i do not want to partake in this experimental injection process to inject into every human on the Planet. i want no part in that. and i will not support the distribution of that. i am not a regular taker of vaccines. i do not take prescription medicines and rarely used over the counter drugs. i do not do recreational drugs. i do not drink alcohol nor coffee. i am vegan. i am not a partier and live very reclusively. i feel i live a very risk free life and i feel i am taking good care of my body with the intuition i was Graced with by my Maker. 

in my eyes, the propaganda is also coming from the other side. the big money that is backing up these new medical technologies is staggering. no one who has the opposite voice has any chance of having the impact that the medical establishment has with the support of the mainstream medias. so those voices are not heard. they even are censored. how can any of us choose from the chaos that lies between the extremes? i feel like my only safe way through this unbelievable situation is to follow my own intuitions given to me from God through Holy Spirit. 

i know that you both have incredible knowledge and i respect you both very very very much. but how can any of us know what is right for another? is that really what we all are working towards? to lessen our own incredible wisdom and let another say what we should do? for me that seems extremely unwise. to give over power to another. especially when the instinct says loudly and clearly otherwise. as it does in a most powerful way for me now.

i am certain that i too have already had the dangerous virus. i had it in the late winter of 2019. i had it before it was announced by media that it was even in the country. i believe it was here before the reports came out. it was so horrible and i wish what i suffered in that two weeks on absolutely no one. the symptoms were a mix of every kind of illness i have had in the past separately -thought at that moment they were pounding me all at once. i thought i was going to die. it seemed as if i would. but i did not die. and i did not go to hospital. i self treated with shower rinses. we do not have a bath or i would have soaked in there. i drank so much herbal tea that i had made myself. i cried and cried and cried and cried. i tried to rest and had fitful sleeps. it was like this over and over and over. finally after an agonizing long time of many many many days. my small body broke that spell. it did it. i was so relieved. sooo relieved. by patience and this little strange and self invented method, i was able to combat that dangerous and scary virus with my own body defenses. barely, but i did it. 

you are not the only people who do not want to be around me now. even my sister and brother. even some of my decades long friends. even venue owners who otherwise loved me and now have shunned and blocked me. so many people think i am an enemy. -think it is the people who are choosing to not be an experiment that are the reason why their lives are in danger.

i am frankly astounded at how many people are expressing that sentiment.

i feel like i have shifted into an alternate Universe. something changed a few years back that is making all of us act crazy. crazy and full of animosity towards each other, toward freedom of thought and towards freedom of choice. 

all of my life we were told not to take drugs and now so many are demanding that we all take drugs. i feel like i have dropped into the worst nightmare i could ever invent. and all because i am healthy? what? what? what?

dear Daniel and Michele. i completely understand that you don't want to spend time with me as i refuse to take this experimental injection. i am deeply saddened by this. but i am now used to that sentiment. honestly it is now common. though i have incredible sadness these days, i hold no anger or other bad feelings toward the decision you all must make using your own precious intuitions and using your vast expertise and knowledges.

those of us choosing an un injected stance will have to learn to be very lonely. i am okay with being by myself. it is not the world i would have chosen, but i think we all must somehow be manifesting these most strange and unbelievably challenging times. something God and Holy Spirit are using to teach us something. more than likely something profound and something we would not otherwise learn. the extreme challenges are bringing some hidden Gift. i do not see it yet. i will keep my eyes open to what it may be. and i think more critically, i will keep my Heart open too.

i do love you both very much. i know that you know that. i know too that you love me. or i hope that you do. this will all play out somehow and we will all see something unknown come out on the other side of this. i will bring no danger to you. or to anyone. 

as far as the reaction to the won\man's post? i must have needed some kind of humor the post was offering. it is all so very serious now. and i am not mocking the injection. i am just not supporting it. perhaps it is not the right thing for some people. truthfully i am terrified by it. 

you think you are being harsh?, no, for me what feels harsh is the factioning taking place every where. society is failing us all. it is falling to pieces.

i do have an precious online group of people who are experiencing similar sadnesses because they too do fear the medicine you seem to trust and are steering clear of it. we discuss all things transpiring. we also share our feelings. we share what is happening in each of our lives around the Planet. so many people all over the world with the same story. and each one as precious as You and as Michele. 

if any time would be good for God to come back down to Earth, it would be now. we need a Miracle.

my response is sent in Love, 





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