Huge Apology to you all

Sep 11, 2021 6:36 am

Dear community,

This is a VERY relevant update.

For simple action on your part go here: 👉👉

to bring yourself into our New Email distribution account.

Short backstory:

Since August 26th there has been a tremendous drop in an email responses to anyone who has emailed us at any email address.

Please Note: almost all your emails, inquiries, responses to our newsletters have NEVER arrived and are largely NO-where to be found. Please resend any relevant emails where relevant to until this issue is resolved.

With this issue still persisting, Additionally, we have had an even larger drop in the email openings AND email deliverability.

People have for tech reasons way beyond the scope of this conversation not received our emails or they have been spoofed, spammed or in most cases never delivered.

To me, all this back-end tech weirdness (which even baffles tech support called in to assist) is, of course, only ever performing a function with purpose.

Sadly I am running into huge time expenses and tech support costs to help me fix stuff that should "never break" and purchase new email account services to reboot communication to keep our weekly emails flowing correctly.

Please be informed that this is a majorly complex issue beyond the scope of any of your part in it. What is relevant to note is the following:

  • you will receive several reminders around this process (Please dismiss these emails if you already added your name and address here
  • I will do my best to build up the mailing list from scratch again in the new account through an additional sequence of emails (which you VERY likely will also receive)
  • when you sign up on the new list you will be re-directed to our monthly BNL contribution Jar page any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Personal feelings.

I am feeling frustrated that my ideal fantasy of building out the new website for BNL 2.0 is feeling thwarted because I don't like to ask for money and had planned to do only a gentle fundraiser for the costs involved in upleveling our organization and public representation to the world once the Survey received enough positive response and indication of willingness from our community to financially underwrite the build-out and upleveling of our online presence and functionality of it.

All of this is performing a function with purpose for me to stop taking sole responsibility and get really real with the ridiculous amount of hours (50 and counting just this week) that I am investing to accomplish what I know is more than ever so relevant, real and will enable our community to grow because the structures for that are calibrated to be able to scale.

See, the world is not going to become more harmonic in the next 6 months but moreover demonic (condensed hurt) and I want to be ready the best I can together to cushion the shift humanity is about to experience. The storm has only just begun.

Please know I am by no means complaining, doom dreaming, or feeling downhearted. I am willfully devoted to taking our online community to the next level regarding the online representation, functionality, efficiency and accessibility for the wider community.

With MUCH love from our circling traininggrounds:


In grace and lovingkindness,


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