New Sunday Zoom Bloom Link 🔥 Open Circle Session 3 Facilitation

Aug 21, 2021 9:08 pm


Hi !

It's been such a beautiful process to weave the We Are Open Circle Facilitation into the Brave New Life Community.

Thank you all for your support, participation and patience as we move through this next phase (our toddler years!)

In the upcoming weeks, we will be inviting those who have completed the Level One Training to be more involved with our weekly circles.

Please note that the link for the Sunday 9pm EST/Monday 9am Bali will change starting this week. The new link is below (we will plan to send out a reminder this week but all zoom links for all circles can be found in the weekly Community-Based Newsletter from our Doula Team).

New Sunday Zoom Link

We Are Open Circle Testimonials & Update!!


“Transformative, Ecstatic, Belief-busting” -Jeanette Fisher

“The tone that was set created a feeling of safety that allowed me to be totally open to the content. Anyone interested in leading a circle of any kind would benefit from the total experience of this workshop.” -Marsha Straubing

“A very necessary training, especially at this Divinely Chaotic time- handled with expertise, experience & skill.” -Ecstatic Goddess🙏

“The work is outstanding. The growth is exponential. The connection is transformative. There is an opportunity for anyone to grow. Revelatory. Transforming. Exquisite.” -Martha Gelnaw

“I appreciate the high quality I experienced during this unique open circle training format.” - Alice

“It has changed me, actually transformed me. I want this for everyone, as we move forward into giving form to this new earth we are all longing to experience. Miriam and Adam are masterful at facilitating this process.” - Maya

“I came away from this training with more inner reflection. The training was practical and showed how a circle functions as a listening form. It also was a tool of self-reflection.” -Janeice Garrard

“The navigation of the facilitators was eloquent, professional and Intuitive.” -Dean Larsen


(& short update from Souv on planned succession & 3rd and final training)


Watch Testimonial

This third and final circle facilitator training is being organized as a

AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND CENTRIC Training. Dates and times are:

September 11-14, Sat-Tues,

6am-10am in Perth & Bali,

8am-12pm in Cairns & Brisbane,

9am-13pm Melbourne & Sydney

11am-15pm Auckland & Christchurch

which is for the USA/ Americas:

September 10-13, Fri-Mon,

3-7pm PDT/ 6-10pm EDT

This training will be a leveling up for BNL but mostly for your own cells so hesitate not to activate your skills in circle-based facilitation. As you know, our capacity to relate and form relating between humans are qualities and gifts that are invaluable and precious to come by. Investment for 16 hour, four-day training is $495 Australian Dollars

For more information contact directly

Open Circle Facilitation Registration

Regeneration Series with Imanee & River

& guests Evan Folds and Gina Bria (author of Quench)

as we talk about the Story of Water. We all know Water is Life and

we are made up mostly of water....but there is so much more!

"Water will lead us. We only have to get it flowing

again and its natural and Informative state."


Watch Now

Stay Strong for Freedom & Keep Loving Your Cells!!

🔥Imani, River & Souv🔥

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