Sunday/Monday Community Conversation Reminder

Feb 22, 2021 12:34 am



I finally made it home today! Almost 6 weeks of spontaneous syntropic flow and hundreds of hugs is a photo of our gathering yesterday in North Carolina. It blows my mind that several of you traveled hours one way to join us for a few precious hours but that merely speaks to the tenacity of the human spirit. I hope to reunite with many of you through our zoom screen soon!

Community Conversations:


20:00 NYC - 01:00 London - 02:00 AMS - 03:00 South Africa -

09:00 Bali  - 11:00 Brisbane

Much Love!
Imani 💞

avatar Margi
Beautiful faces of the growing family! Thanks for sharing the love, Imani 💙
avatar Caroline
Just so all beautiful... I look forward to a day where I can join you all In joy, Caroline <3