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Feb 24, 2021 5:56 am

Hi loved ones, a quick follow up note from Souvereign here.

I just want to share that I feel thank full for the contributions that have come in to help cover the monthly costs and tech support that have been part of my navigation for Brave New Life. Your contributions are multifold and I wish to emphasise that your active sharings there and the helping of others figure out how our own private social media functions are all such valuable ways that this ecosystem benefits receiving.

I feel thouroughly comfortable and met in the knowing that the value of what Imani, Shay and me are bringing together as we navigate hours of 'behind the scenes' communicating and emailing to get our processes, mailouts and tech wiring to function more amazingly!

I also want to thank Chris Fern who is Imani's tech support guy for resolving many of my headaches in digital techland, if I am just willing to ask for support.

Asking for support is something that I feel is a process that I am learning more to humble myself into. I am, of course, exceptionally good in telling myself "I don't need help" and "I can figure it out myself" because my time and energy I only use when I want to and therefor it is free.

Although almost true, being able to have tech challenges become resolved by someone who is super experienced / professional at this is bringing calm and peace to my cells and then surprisingly :) allows me to focus my gifts and talents in areas that make me feel more alive (and willing).

So Yes, a big thank to you who (finally) found the donation option on https://community.bravenewlife.net - The platform is functional and in my fantasy will be a relating ground of common ground.

Envisioned as a place where you can express, share and articulate for you, from you (and to you) where others are there to receive, witness and become inspired also by the realness you share from. A place to write in the safety of the knowing that everyone there has been prepped over all our community conversations to listen, to encourage, to thank, to learn and remember more and more about our intrinsic Syntropic Human Ecology.

For all of you who have joined but haven't been active in the past few weeks I feel it is relevant to share with you that Feeling Based Relating and navigating our community relating portal is indeed different from facebook, twitter or instagram. It is about relating from a place of openness, realness with what is alive for us.. a place to be able to reread our own thoughts, feelings and processes KNOWING that it is also witness-able by "others" aka "the world out there" which really is the world "in here". It is a place where you can make your own regular blog entries (called Share Writings) or just how you are feeling in the moment (called Share Feelings), you can also inquire with the community by asking questions. Revealing is healing. Feelings are healings.

Personally, I have not come across a platform where this humble (non-dopamine, adrenal hitting) approach is explored and sustained by a community Why this is? Well, #cultprogramming of course or "social conditioning" which is what facebook et al have mastered the art of manipulating behavior in favor of clicks, actions and most of all reactions... Facebook is really all about what you use it for... and i have used it for my personal growth and self reflection since i started re-enabling my human nature.

Facebook et al work because fear sells, sex sells, showing how awesome your live is at another dinner party or event sells, but who is selling what? And what is underlying the agenda that is focused only on profit and (now very clearly) mind control through narrative control... of course these platforms are great but would you feel safe to put your own deeper exploring of Self on there? Do you feel that our feeling based relating conversations should be aired on those platforms? No, the do not perform in that function well because humanity at large has forgotten how to receive, how to relate, how to just listen... we have been programmed to fix, see others as broken that need fixing so that we don't have to go within to fix what got displaced within ourselves, which wants to come home, which wants to be found and reintegrated... I know I can go on and on in my "short note" to you all.

I feel inspired to share more around Syntropic Human Ecology, how to re-enable ourselves and restore our original human culture of Love from within and I feel a double Yay! coming up in me as I imagine that you also feel that navigating again in a natural frequency with eachother, tending our mindgardens with care and lovingkindness are relevant and innate to our human inborn attraction to connect.

So yay to sharing on https://community.bravenewlife.net what feels relevant to express and relate around for ourselves. You are all so welcomed! In my fantasy we are bringing something about in our human story that goes beyond words and yet has the capacity to (when tended to with care and lovingkindness) make our own return home to our syntropic self and our original sovereignty as unique and equal individuals, a replicable metric for many many more.

Quality not Quantity and yet I see our Brave New Lifeways being able to reach tens of thousands open, willing and genuine human beings of our collective family. We are in "prepping the ground" for more to come stage and I am grateful that you are exactly who you are and be.

Free of expectations or as I recently discovered: Love without fantasies, I am grateful to be able to share all of me with you in safety and openness.

May we continue to inspire eachother through our own heroes journeys and the sharing thereof from a place of heart, feelings and realness.

In grace,


PS I will be posting some videos there soon as I have almost completed 4 days of coding on the back end and can probably give you all a better "tour around" our Brave New Life community gardenspace! Yay

PPS Please note that you are welcome to join if you haven't yet, no rush, just opportunities if it flows for you.

PPPS I love you.

PPPPS here is a little poem I wrote as I have been receiving teaching/remindings from Roses about Love, which is Syntropy in its purest form. You can also find it here:


Thank you for reminding me what Love feels like.

Thank you for staying curious and open.

Thank you for showing me how Life functions in its own rhythm and natural timing.

As below, so above.

As within, so without.

I can feel you now.

and all I had to do "is become as a child again"

original innocence

original blueprint


natural born freedom

innate knowing

peace and grace found

in Love without fantasies


Feeling into what you are doing, being and bringing through...

How do I even find the wordsounds to express and articulate what i feel when I am with You quietly in the original mindgarden?

"Eden is a place in ones mind".

Eden is the garden

and how awfully misconstrued have I tended to your original instructions!!

It was of course never about "owning", controlling or contriving!

and yes, of course, I was simply hurt and afraid all those years...

to feel you... to touch your reflective mirror image of my own inner being left long ago, far away,

inside of myself.

And yet I have re membered, refound, returned, regained and,

in a fascinating way it was worth all the "forgetting", losing and misconstruing...

No "answers" were ever to be found in the "world of men",

the glorification of mind,

the mis-use and overuse of the intelligence...

Now I can feel you

and I can start performing one of my magical, unique and mega powerful human functions.. one of the functions why we humans are here!!

I will it to reflect back to you, the awe in the face of beauty, the wonder in light of your splendor...

and there you meet me,

and I meet you...

In-form me again!

In-lighten me again!

In-fuse me again!

In-struct me again!

In-liven me again!

Oh, Love! I will it!


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