Zoom Bloom Reminder, Hands-On with Hemp & Haven Earth 🌱

Apr 08, 2021 5:32 pm



Reminder for our weekly Zoom Bloom Community Conversation!

Thursday 10am(EST) 14pm(UK) 22pm(PERTH)

We will be going LIVE before at 9:30am EST - you can join us here:


Weekly Clubhouse Recording April 7th. In these conversations, there is more of a public feel to what is shared around with what is active and moving in the future-forward visioning of these COMMUNITIES that we keep speaking to.


Not in the loop? Join us on clubhouse here: https://www.joinclubhouse.com/club/brave-new-life

Brave New Life is excited to partner with Haven Earth for our first Hands-On Immersion in San Diego: Hemple Building April 23-25th

Hemp to be a critical part of the new earth we are co-creating in these times, offering many solutions to the challenges ahead, whilst bringing great joy to the process of what we are engaging in. We envision a future where our structures and communities are vibrant, regenerative and life-affirming, in total alignment and harmony with nature’s intelligence and our own unique life purpose. Haven Earth Center offers practical tools and design solutions to assist and guide people in the creation of these vibrant and regenerative lifeways, structures, and community projects, throughout the United States and beyond. We are excited to bring our team together for these specific times. We are New Earth Architects.


Haven Earth Services

Bio-Architecture and Natural Building, Sacred Sanctuary Design, Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture Design/Implementation, Living Water Systems, Sovereign Energy Solutions and Syntropic Communion

Join Haven Earth for our first Hemp Temple Building Workshop on April 24-25th in San Diego, CA to build our New Earth structures from the inside out!


Friday April 23rd from 4-8pm - Open to Public

Solutions and Syntropic Communion: Land Activation, Introduction to Hemp Building, Community Infrastructure from Inside Out, Freedom Potluck

Sacred Temple Architecture with Chrystina and Abhi

There are 8 auspicious days in the Vedic calendar when Purusha (earth energy) is vibrant and active. April 23rd is one of the eight! On this special day and before our hemple building commences we are performing a Bhoomi Puja, a ceremony to honor mother earth and seek her blessing on our project. The puja purifies the space, brings balance to the land and ensures the well-being of all that dwell there.

Hemp Mini House - Northern California


Watch The Video Here

Hemple Building April 24 from 10am-6pm & April 25 from 10am-2pm

Hands-on Hemping! Together we will erect the pre-made framing elements of the structure and make our forms, which we will later infill with the hempcrete mixture. Introduction to the mixing process of the Hemp Hurd, Hydrated Lime, and Natural porcelain-Mineral Binder, and water using our Hemp Mixer. For more details and to register email info@havenearth.org


Haven Earth Website

Hemp Sleeper Cabin

Winner of 2020 Hemp Building Summit Award for innovation with Hemp


Hemp is REGENERATIVE! As a building material, as you may already know, has many properties for our health and wellbeing, essentially acting as a natural filtration for the interior ecosystem of our homes and structures. With it’s massive insulative value, combined with its breathability, HempCrete (Hemp-lime) opens the doorway to natural indoor environments, materials and systems. Not only that, but a Hemp building has amazing acoustic properties, creating an ambience, unlike the tinny sounding commercial materials we experience today. It is also fire, rot, and mold resistant, and can literally be grown locally in a few months, with minimal processing.

See you soon 🌺

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