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May 29, 2021 6:46 pm


💞Hello Beloved 💞

If you missed last week's Zoom Bloom where Imani & Souv came out with their Brave New Loves you can watch it

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Here is Vikki's Poem "Brave New Love"

Meet me in the centre of my labyrinth. It might take a while to get there and there’s no map. You’ll need to follow your intuition. How are your navigation skills for finding your way through tricky terrain? Have you been practicing, like me? Have you learnt how to follow your gut, like me? How to listen to your heart and follow it all the way home. They say everything you desire is in the centre of your labyrinth. Have you reached the outskirts of yours yet? Hung out in the suburbs of your deepest desires? What did you find? What didn’t you find…yet? Dare you step in closer? Plant both feet firmly in your pumping

pulsing centre, unafraid and unflinching, even if what meets you is overwhelming? “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond belief…” What are the seeds of power that you have planted and been cultivating in the centre of your labyrinth? I wonder what they would look like alongside mine, how magnificent they would stand together. And when they saw each other for the first time yet once again - recognising and remembering - it’s you, you

found me, and I was waiting here just like I said I always would be. Let’s meet in the centre of my labyrinth and then let’s travel to the centre of yours. You can

take me by the hand and show me the way. Point out all the twists and turns and dead ends as we go. The places you have bled and burned and wept and yearned. You can tell me how you’ve died over and over and bought yourself back to life. How you’ve gone into your shadow unafraid and unarmed, ready to gently meet whatever dark treasures lay lurking there, just waiting to see if you had the courage to look them in the eye and ask what messages they carried for you. And you can show me the paths along which you’ve loved and danced and sang until you felt like you’d burst the very heart that glowed at the centre

of your soul. Yes, take me on a road trip into your labyrinth, I want to know your journey as you will know mine. And when we get lost in the bumpy narrow lanes or wobble precariously on a knife edge precipice of doubt, then we’ll take a breath, ground our senses and pick up the trail of knowing once again, feeling our way, all the way into the centre of your labyrinth. There we will meet…properly meet…hopes to fears, joys to pains, scars to battle cries…lifetimes past to lifetimes present…labyrinth to labyrinth.

Imani & River are back on the road!

Next adventure - AUSTIN!


This Sunday May 30th in AUSTIN from 4:30-7:30pm to discuss community building and share what we are up to at Haven Earth PMA that will be based in Texas and the Bio House Project we are developing with River's Hemp Designs, one of which that will be aired on Discovery Channel on the 15th of June. If you would like to join us please email me  at

ARISE USA Tour SAT. May 29th, 4-7pm Fredericksburg TX

LOCATION: The Edge Event Center

ADDRESS: 3567 US HWY 290 East, Fredericksburg, TX 78624


TIME: 4-7pm Speaker Cathy O'Brien, David Avocado & Leigh Dundas

Other Upcoming Freedom Potlucks

Adamstown, MD

email to RSVP

Brooklyn, NY

email to RSVP

Also including these in case you missed them in our last email



💗 Sending Lots of LOVE your way 💗

Imani, River, Souv & Shay

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Can I connect with the arise tour? I was connected at the beginning and then lost them all!