SO CUTE: RE: Brave New Life Activation! Our Community Platform is LIVE!

Jan 25, 2021 11:58 am

So, so cute imani must have thought she clicked the save now button and then send the email with out the video links.. they are embedded now. Love, S.


Hello Beloveds

The Adventure Continues….and so many are realizing that it is more important than ever that we stop relying on a third party to save us and step up to start building the world we want to live in. 

If you have not tuned in to our weekly Brave New Life Conversations (or even if you have) listen to Candace and Adam as they articulate the power of the feeling based relating gatherings:




Reminder Weekly Gathering Times: 

Sundays 8pm EST /Mondays 9am Bali

Thursdays 10am PST/11pm Bali

As you know the CENSORSHIP continues….many of you have been communicating with Imani on FB Messenger and her PROFILE account (and all of her messages and contacts) have been officially permanently DELETED


Reach out to her directly at to get in touch and find her on:


Instagram: @mamalution and @bravenewlife


Me We:

(hearing it's not supportive of free speech so not sure we want to invest time here)

Parler (when it returns)

We are also getting more active on Telegram - you can message her there and get in the conversation at &

Even more exciting is that we have officially launched our very own private platform for Brave New Life where all of you can connect and keep the conversations going in between gatherings as well as start your own circles, offerings and topics. 

Listen to Souvereign explain a bit about how it works….


Join Here:

Lastly many of you reached out about The Greater Reset Activation online event that starts this Monday Jan 25th-Friday the 29th featuring many great speakers. Imani is actually in Geurrero participating in the live event. The online event is totally FREE! The event will be streamed directly on The Greater Reset website, as well as and The talks will be uploaded every night after the event ends and uploaded to LBRY/Odysee, Flote, and Bitchute channels (links on front page of website) This whole event is an ACTIVATION! This means every day we will be encouraging you to discuss with friends and family how you can implement the ideas! Get active! Imani will start a group on our new community page for anyone who chooses to participate.

Register Here:

Remember to stay vigilant in these times and know that you are not alone.

We Love You 💞

Imani & Souvereign