Livestream: Retrieving our Indigenous Nature 🌺 Thursday Zoom Bloom Reminder

Sep 09, 2021 6:56 pm



The Zoom link reminder is at the bottom of this email

because we'd like your attention to be with the following first:

Invite to fill out our BNL 2.0 SURVEY

We have had 29 responses thus far AND we really want to hear from you!

Souv has shared about the next succession in various videos but since has been blocked again from youtube and facebook you can likely only find those here on Earth Hereos Tv in our BNL Community channel.

The main request is: If you also care about the future-forward navigation of BNL please take 10 minutes to answer some questions

(PLEASE NOTE: short answers are also welcomed)

👉👉. 🙏🙏

Upcoming Free Livestream on EHtv


Every week Yvonne and Souv talk about Self, Soul, navigating this old world, and where the bridge into the New Earth is found.  This week they explore our indigenous human nature and how we can each retrieve access to this natural state of being.

Livestream starts 9:09 PM EST - 9:09 Perth Time - 11:11 AM :) Brisbane

You can find the Livestream on the homepage of EHtv here.

View the Livestream

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Last call to the BNL circling up-leveling experience:

We shared many personal testimonials over the past weeks and during every zoom bloom, the effects and awesome nature of the

We Are Open Circle trainings are being felt by everyone.

It is not too late to join.

The course starts this weekend. Both Shay and Souvereign will be joining the cohort of around another 12 BNL'ers. If you felt you wanted some more of your BNL friends in your direct experience, you can still book yourself in through here:

Imani and Rivers' Epic Heroes Journey activating Hempmentality

Our Brave New Love Journey is in full effect!

Such beautiful family reunions

in Boulder, CO and Santa Fe, NM


Yay and here is Thursday Zoom Bloom Link:

Thursday 10am (EST) 3pm (UK) 10pm (PERTH)

With Love and luster for Life and the New Earth,

Imanee, River & Souv


To visit the Survey: go here

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