Important Thanksgiving announcement

Nov 26, 2020 7:47 pm


Dear Beloveds,

There won't be a community conversation tonight due to it being Thanksgiving in the US. But read on....

Join us for our Global Gratitude Gathering this coming Saturday, November 28th at 6pm NYC I 3pm PST I 11pm London I 10am Sydney I 7 am BALI.

The first hour will be a Lovestream featuring our favorite seminal voices on Souvereigns' Youtube Channel and Earth and Earth Heros tv, followed by a 2 hour private zoom which will accommodate 1000 people. Many of you have requested we reach out to Oracle Girl and she has agreed to join us and lead a 30 minute purification meditation to open our circle.

Please plan to join immediately after the live (10 mins before the start time) to ensure you are able to get in the room.


If you missed our special Wisdom Circle event with special guest Dr Christiane Northrup you can watch that here:



We have done a bit of re-alignment from our recent expansion and are shifting the schedule of our weekly Community Conversations as we shared in our Wisdom Circle gathering as we build out our new format to accommodate more people. Stay tuned for the development of the Brave New Life private social media ecosystem and the super exciting membership channel on Earth Heroes tv hosted by Shay Ryan Douglas.

Following our Thanksgiving Event we will only have two gatherings a week:

AUS-NZ: Monday with Shay & Souvereign

9:00am (BALI) 11:00 (BRIS) 14:00 (NZ) 17:00 (LA) 20:00 (NY EST)

If you want to join the Australia or New Zealand Circles on Monday:

You will NOT receive Aus & NZ reminders UNLESS you sign up for them here.

US-EU-S.A: Thursday with Imani & Souvereign

10:30am (NY EST) 15:30 (UK) 17:30 (S.A.) 23:30 (BALI) 01:30 (BNE) 7:30 (LA)

Everyone on the main list (this email list) will receive notifications for the Thursday meeting as it includes relevant updates too.


I guess he is indeed a very likeable mammal :) No, seriously, 200 people are receiving the syntropic sharings on restoring self sovereignty, the truth of our human nature, the future of our human ecology, and, without really trying, so many are experiencing the re-membering benefits through the joyful receiving of his mindsong through this Course in Syntropy.

It is by donation, Free for those benefitting receiving, it is 3 weeks of receiving and Diving DEEP into why he even started Brave New Life.

Let me hint at his sole reason for sharing: the younglings. 7 generations.

"When I came across the work of Souvereign and Syntropy I was hearing something in his language that was explaining something intrinsic to life that resonated with my whole being, it felt like coming home to something lost and forgotten and I needed to know why.

Since starting the course in Syntropy I am beginning to re-remember my intrinsic nature and how it has been working for me all along and why this knowledge felt so lost and forgotten.

Exploring Syntropy so far has given me a roadmap on how to navigate the entropic mindset and cult programming that prevents us from perceiving life as naturally syntropic and has allowed me to innerstand that even "bad" experiences when observed with a syntropic mindset are in fact working for us.

I can't wait to dive deeper into this new but familiar territory that is unfolding through this work!

The fact that you found this course is Syntropy already working for you! I would recommend anybody that is feeling the call to jump on board as it is something you have to experience and feel into rather than another intellectual framework that doesn't even come close to touching life like Syntropy!"

- Jess,, November 15, 2020

Be sure to have time for: 2 emails a week and interacting via email correspondence where relevant. Read more here.

Lastly, if you have not seen this conversation with Dr Mercola and Dr Breggin: Psychiatrist Blows the Whistle on Pandemic Fearmongering we encourage you to watch

Love from us both,

I & S