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Jul 15, 2021 5:31 pm



Here's Your Reminder for our Thursday Zoom Bloom

Thursday 10am (EST) 3pm (UK) 10pm (PERTH)


Circle Facilitation Update

In an effort to keep the syntropic flow of our community during this natural expansion stage of offering more Community Conversations, we felt that it would be important to introduce the facilitation process we are partnering with, We Are Open Circles, to our entire Brave New Life Family.

For those who emailed us and expressed interest in the certification program you will receive an additional email with more details. An introductory session will take place during our regular meeting time on Thursday, July 22nd where

Miram Jones and Adam Rumack of We are Open Circle (WOC) will be introducing their approach to community and organizational transformation. The focus in this introduction will be on the first stage of their educational program, The Listening Circle, which offers a form for building trust, deepening relationships, unsettling assumptions, and building a foundation for community intersecting of sociology, psychology, and nature-based wisdom traditions.

Together we will experience the Listening Circle, after a brief introduction and overview of the upcoming Listening Circle training being offered to the BNL community. In this way we hope to involve our entire community in the next phase of our growth - with the hopes of offering many more Community Conversations around the world and in multiple time zones.

Once the first group of facilitators completes the 16 hour certification program, they will use the Thursday meeting time to practice before creating their own circles. We look forward to everyone's participation and appreciate your patience and support during this process!


One of the visions we have as more Community Conversations become activated is hosting a circle for those interested in building out the physical community that Imani & River will be hosting. For those of you who reached out - you will be receiving an email with info with more details. And if you have not yet seen River's Hemp House Documentary you can check it out on the homepage of his website at

Important Links from last weeks Mastermind Group

The Truth Continues To Be Revealed

Some Studies from Sherri Tenpenny & Dolores Cahill


Let's Keep Growing Together!

Imani, River, Souv & Shay

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Beautiful Tribe i look forward in participating in the future the open inclusive vib