Wisdom of Trauma - We The People Series part 3 - PMA business structures and loads of LOVE

Jul 06, 2021 2:51 pm


Hi Brave New Lifers!

This is a quick update because tonight Imani and me with the epic support of Shay at Earth Heroes TV are live streaming:


Check-in here: https://earthheroestv.com/programs/we-the-people-protecting-our-children-part-3

Private Membership Associations

Missed Imani's in-depth interview on PMA's and private business structure options and pathways? It has been uploaded on the amazing EHTV platform! :) and the next part will be live-streamed.

We are also working on an AUSTRALIA based coverage of this important subject together with Shay and Joanne called: Awakening sovereignty and unifying humanity (you can email community@bravenewlife.net to express your interest in being kept up to date on the subject of heart-centered private foundations)

FOR HERE and NOW and the USA:



Latest Additions of our behind the scenes efforts:


The Circling training starting date is soon to be announced! We are finalizing the arrangement with We Are Open Circle for a custom, for BNL only, (large) group training program! Yay to uplevelling and creating a new space of succession of our community circle sharing!.

The vision and purpose of the training is to create greater clarity for templating out of our existing circles and the potential new ones starting.

We want everyone to feel encouraged in the knowing of starting a BNL circle and for everyone to have an opportunity to uplevel with us.

We want ensure that the new sprouting circles of the future are endowed and cultured in the same quality with transparency and clarity for its navigation and orientations.

We are excited and feel that it is relevant to embark and partner in with a format that articulates, embraces and promotes all of that.

The cost will be announced soon and will be less than what has been mentioned in zoom calls, however, there will be an investment.

The training will consist of approx. 6 weeks of zoom-based meeting lasting up to 2,5 hours as I understand it now.

Email Imani for preregistration: imanimamalution@protonmail.com


Wisdom of Trauma - Community Film screening fantasy:

I spoke about hosting a public community screening of this film and the team at WOT got back to us! The WOT film community screenings have been put off until further notice BUT they are offering an amazing 5-Day Event between

July 28th - August 1st!

The film (Wisdom of Trauma) and expert talks will be available for 5 days, 24/7. Here the link to register for yourself: https://wisdomoftrauma.com/

Please Note: if you don't want to sign up to another email list, just open ours as we will keep you updated and share resources where appropriate on our knowledge hub and community platform.


Mastermind Braintrust Progress with EHtv & more

After Dolores Cahill, Dr Christiane Northrup, Reinette Senum and Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, The Critically Thinking series with Dr T and Dr P has now been added to EHtv!


EHtv has started hosting the recent and upcoming Oracle Films Interviews

Here is Eric Clapton - Exclusive & Uncensored:


Lifeline, inspiration and nourishment for your Soul:

All our most recent ZoomBlooms get uploaded here in case you missed one:



Foundation of Trauma series with Souvereign is being edited into completion by Shay. This series was recorded in Vanuatu at East of Eden, New Earth Sanctuary where part of the Regeneration Film was recorded, and is a raw, real, and (personally speaking) relevant articulation that cuts to the core of what "humandamage" is, what the not-so-clear effects of so called "cult programming" are, and how this shows up in our own lives and in the process of living or wanting to live in community.

I believe that speaking to the relevancy of comprehending how unresolved trauma underpins unnatural human behaviour and the breakdown of relationships, or simpler put, communication, may generate greater insights or at least affirmation of existing self-knowing!

I have a fantasy that after this coming weekend when my current online course in Syntropic Agroforestry is completed, I want to create a "Foundation of Trauma" circle in which I share my findings and pathways for accelerating healing and re-integration of the inner children that have been left behind.

If participating piques your interest you can send me an email here: syntropy@souvereignsharing.net. Maybe watch this sharing first from our Monday Zoombloom with me on the notion of reclaiming self Sovereignty: https://earthheroestv.com/programs/soverign-freedom-truth

(if you benefit from support in becoming an EHtv member you email me with the heading courage)

Ok! Yay!

Lots of love and please keep sharing with everyone on our community platform that has 1270 members (and counting) https://community.bravenewlife.net/


Stay Strong for Freedom & love your cells!!

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