Community Conversation Reminder!

Feb 04, 2021 8:11 pm


Hello Dear Ones!

Today's Community Conversation Reminder!

This is Imani's last day in Mexico (and Souv is in route and not at his computer) so we will keep today's chat to one hour. Tomorrow she heads to California, then New Mexico next week and North Carolina the following week. Small groups will be gathering along the way to discuss the transition to our community living endeavors!

Direct Link:

10:00am (NYC) - 15:0- (LONDON) - 16:00 (AMS) - 17:00 (SOUTH AFRICA) 11:00pm (BALI)

Add your major city here to see your local time:

Love from us,

Imani & Souvereign

avatar Karen Olsen
Imani: If you are coming through Taos, NM I would love to met you! It is beautiful here!!!
avatar Dino
Where and when will you be in New Mexico? I live in Albuquerque and will drive down to where you will be gathering. Thank you, Dino
avatar Jade
I am wishing to connect and learn of these new communities. I have friends in Texas also doing similar things but I love Mexico and Colorado. Please lmk where these are so I can connect and visit.
avatar leeana
Imani - I'm in Conway, AR and would love to meet you on your travels. I can come to Texas to join in meetings there too. Thank you so much for all you guys are doing!!
avatar Bella
Jade, Did you see the list of all the contacts mentioned in the chat are posted?
avatar Bella
We got this!!! Together. :)
avatar Joy S
Hope to meet up while you are in NC! I want to learn more about your move & plans for Mexico ❤️✨ About to listen to this episode
avatar Joy S
Thought the link was recording. Are these recorded? Or just live conversations?