Brave New Life Ways Weekly Update (& zoom bloom links) 🌺

Mar 14, 2021 8:42 pm

Hello Loves 🌺

It's Sunday! Time for our weekly gathering of feeling based sharing from the heart. 💞 Links for the zoom bloom room are at bottom of email!

This is our weekly Brave New Life Ways update!

Imani had an incredible trip to Maine where she was able to meet the one and only Christiane Northrup for the first time! And so many people from our Brave New Life Community attended the weekly Maine Stands Up meeting.





Mark Your Calendars!

For the upcoming release of the Earth Heroes Regeneration Film!

More details coming for our March 20th Film Screening & Dialog

with special guest Elijiah Ray opening our event.


Other Dates For Your Calendar!


Imani, Paul, Chrystina and Abhi will be in Austin, Texas and hosting a Brave New Life Freedom Potluck Gathering on Monday March 29th. To request an invite please email Sydney (aka Samadhi) at Please note space is limited.


For those of you dreaming of Mexico there are a few spaces left in Trancones! First session is April 23-May 2 and Second Session is May 2-May12. Message for details and to secure your spot!



Join Our Brave New Life Club - Wednesdays at 9pm EST

Join Imani's Mastermind BrainTrust - Fridays at 11am


Also a quick is the link that was not included in the last email... a recent update by Imani and Souvereign on:


The Greater Reset Speaker Suggestion Request

If you have anyone from our Brave New Life Community that you would like

to put forward as a speaker who focuses on SOULutions for the next

Greater Reset from May 24 to 29 event AND you have 2 minutes to fill out their form, go to

ZoomBloom Link Reminders:

Sundays 8pm(EST) Monday 9am(PERTH)

Thursday 10am(EST) 15pm(UK) 23pm(PERTH)

Get in the Online Community Conversation at:

Lastly, we are shifting emails away from to so please add this address to your contacts. Ensuring you get our emails is relevant as we will soon add you all to our new email sequence to bring everyone in the same field-opportunity of our shared syntropic community orientations. yay!!

One of the reasons for this is that we want to start actively growing our community and we want YOU TO HAVE all the resources that Imani and I can provide you with..With that said, we will explore how we can set up a referral campaign program.. please start thinking about writing a testimonial or reflection on how you feel our efforts have benefited you staying sane and connected... or, really, explore penning down your truth of how you feel about anything that YOU COULD USE to share as an authentic share on your social media...

We all know there are many more people "out there" that are hungry for connection and surrendering to 'healing hugs' is becoming more and more embraced by more and more people... and TOGETHER by each of us daring to shine our light brighter in an authentic outreach to your connections and networks can offer more people the space that we have cultivated together.

We want to cause a rippling activation with you to, in the most authentic way, grow our heart based soulutions community over the coming weeks. Please stay tuned for the release of our new "welcoming email sequence" and add to your contacts pretty please.

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We Love You 💞

Imani & Souvereign