Oops! Here is the link for the Haven Earth PMA Membership Campaign

Aug 12, 2021 8:18 pm



Ooops! Resending the link for the Haven Earth PMA MEMBERSHIP!



THANK YOU for the support! We so appreciate our BNL Community!

The regenerative and healing aspects of HEMP 🌱 have come up in a few of our Community Conversations and many of you know that we are both a bit obsessed (in a good way) - to the point that we are naming ourselves HEMPIONEERS! Your membership donation to our fundraiser will assist us in getting on the road in our new Hempmobile to continue checking out land for our community (and to see many of you!) as well as seed our Natural Hemp Building Course that will educate others (specifically the youth and indigenous populations) about the regenerative properties of hemp while building a skilled workforce to build communities of the future. Literally, we are building out the new economy by providing educational tools, wisdom sharing, and hands-on building experiences focused on the Hemp industry and regenerative practices. 


The β€˜Hemplate’ is the Template that will seed this revolution in Hemp building and put the power and tools in the hands of those wishing to learn the skills and knowledge to build their own homes, for others in their communities, or even to start or develop their own businesses to be part of this great shift that is taking place with Hemp. One part of the Hemplate is to build/R&D the first Modest Hemp Casita project which will become part of the Course. These casistas will be built in several locations and serve as the physical aspect of the course so students can have a hands-on educational experience. The project will be fully documented to become part of the course material in the training manual as well as for virtual learners or those building their own Hemp Kit/modular home.


We appreciate your love & support!

Imani & River