Correct Permanent Link - Community Conversation Reminder!

Feb 11, 2021 3:01 pm



Community Conversations:


20:00 NYC - 01:00 London - 02:00 AMS - 03:00 South Africa -

09:00 Bali  - 11:00 Brisbane


10:00am (NYC) - 15:00 (LONDON) - 16:00 (AMS) - 17:00 (SOUTH AFRICA) 11:00pm (BALI)

Please note we will not be sending out daily reminders after this week so please put times, days & links on
your calendars! See you soon!

Imani & Souv

avatar Jacqueline
Every time I come here it asks me to sign up. I've done it several times. Also to Subscribe again which I've done repeatedly. Is this the way it will always be OR, what am I doing wrong? I'm having a bad time with navigation around the multiple sites. And THIRD...I still haven't been able to find where to access the Community Conversation replays. Please help when you can.