ACCESS LINK - Earth Heroes - Oracle Girl

Nov 28, 2020 8:54 am

Dear Beloveds,

Have you not registered for our Global Gratitude Gathering yet? This is the last email prior to this unexpected HUGE online Life-Connection Celebration event that we are lovestreaming to Earth Heroes TV and you are getting FREE ACCESS to this love-adventure.

Below are the details on how to:

It is this Saturday, November 28th at

6pm NYC I 3pm PST I 11pm London I 10am Sydney I 7 am BALI

Part One: The first hour will be a Lovestream featuring our favorite seminal voices on Earth Heroes TV

Part Two: The private 2 hour zoom which will accommodate 1000 people. 

Please Note: There is limited space for ONLY 1000 people for Part Two (Zoom) - we highly recommend you log in 10 minutes prior immediately after the livestream  to save your spot. 

Following the group purification meditation with Oracle Girl we will breakout into various themed rooms.

Please pre-register here for the zoom if you are absolutely certain you want to attend: 

Love from us both,

Imani & Souveregn