the LionsGate invitation

Aug 08, 2021 5:36 pm


we all know that every day is a new day and that on every day we have a choice to welcome and create new ways and lay to rest old ways...

On this 8th of the 8th Lionsgate day, I want to invite you to set some quality time aside to consciously sit with the opportunity and possibilities of this timewave and how you may benefit from bringing presence to your future forward navigation. I certainly have and am, and it is all in divine order.

You are more than welcome to share this email forward and refer people to this recording I made for anyone Willing to Listen for something new.

I know I don't do this often, but that is all part of the change in frequency and direction that I feel is calling to be shared.


Listen to this Sharing

In grace and Loving kindness,


PS: here is the zoom link reminder also happening in 12,5 hours:

9 PM EST - 11AM Brisbane