Zoomlink - community circle of success ✨🌸

Oct 18, 2021 12:33 am

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Hi ,

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We did it 100th monkey!! 🙈🙉🙊

thank you again to all who shared the bio-feedback on the community survey about BNL 2.0 and the build-out of a proper website so we can grow and thrive.

The simplicity of the Brave Community is:

All of you is welcome.

One of the new ideas of BNL moving forward is distributing further the community ownership of things so Togetherness and our resilience as a community is possible through the distribution and sharing of response-abilities, functions, and roles.

Here is the list again.

Primarily we are benefiting from rebooting and recharging the BNL Doula Group into its next succession:

  • Community Doula Group Members.

  • Financial admin.

  • Instagram, facebook, twitter, Telegram or Youtube channel admins.

  • BNL "Brave Voices" Blog/ writers.

  • Community Event organizing admins.

  • BNL Community fundraising support.

Please email community@bravenewlife.net with:

  • your experience,
  • expressed willingness,
  • realistic time-availability and
  • the fantasies/ inspirations/ self generated ideas for the function you may feel is calling yourcells.

For the calendar:

BNL Online presentation

"Community circle of success"

This coming Thursday 9pm EST 6pm PST - Friday 9 am Bali - 11am Brisbane time.

If you want insight in to the world of fostering community from the inside out, don't miss this broadcast. Access link coming.

This will be recorded & streamed to Earth Heroes TV also.


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