SPAM ALERT! (and MEXICO details ๐ŸŒบ) You may get this email more than once ๐Ÿ˜Š

Mar 08, 2021 8:26 pm

We updated our automated emails and wanted to make sure you received this so that you understand how to navigate the Brave New Life platform with ease as it looks like we missed many of you with our previous if you receive this email twice just know it's because we love you! ๐Ÿ’ž

And for those of you interested in more details about our upcoming Brave New Life Immersion in Mexico go to the end of the email โฌ‡๏ธ for more information!

In the last email we shared a video of Souvereign speaking about the "love language of Syntropy" But what is Syntropy exactly?

Syntropy is the living process of coherence increasing in Nature.


Syntropy is the life bearing, life enhancing and life expanding underlying โ€œformulaโ€ that nature operates from to sustain itself and all living life with it.

You as a human are made of living cells that operate on the same observe-able strategies that all Life functions on.


Syntropy is Lifeโ€™s own strategy for Life. Itโ€™s how Life functions and operates in and through all living Life. It always performs beneficial functions for other Life and this strategy is continuous from the microbiological ways that Life relates and supports itself in the soil to the macro level as entire thriving ecosystems.

Listen to Learn More About Syntropy


The Course in Syntropy (having received raving even life transforming reflections of the 500 plus people that were the first to dive into it) has organically become the common ground foundation for our Brave New Life Community. This free/by donation offering is a 4 week submersion into the Syntropic Mindset through being in email communication with Souvereign to help activate and remember the love language and integration of

Syntropy into our mindgardens.

Receive the Course in Syntropy


"Back in the days" before Imani & Souvereign embarked on a Brave New Life together (creating the Brave New Life online community) they connected over so many bio-resonant topics ranging from birth, ancient wisdom traditions, regenerative agriculture and raising younglings as communities again. Here is our first recorded conversation to introduce you to the "level" of relating we each feel is relevant to speak around in our community conversations and follow her podcast.


Listen To The Podcast

Coming Soon! Imani and Souvereign are also collaborating on the revision of her book The Absence Presence of Soil to be released Spring 2021 that explores her journey as a mama of five daughters raised with instincts intact and the vision she had a decade ago that led us to where we are today.

This book will serve as a handbook for applying regenerative practices as we grow our network of interconnected, regenerative and sovereign communities that honor our sacred syntropic connection with Mother Earth.

The envisioned Regeneration Tour is all about connecting people to the soil and co-creating sacred Earth Sanctuaries to template and seed the codes of consciousness bringing our own humanity into resonance deeper with all life.   

Thank you for taking the time to listen and really soak in what our Common Ground is foundationally based on as without these knowings of the lifeways we want to cultivate we have found an incompleteness in comprehension remains active. So yay to not jumping into the next email, but getting a drink or a bite to eat while you listen to these sharings.



MEXICO here we come! After an incredible reset and spontaneous gathering with like-minded others from our community, I am coordinating a second gathering and opening it to all of you to join me. I am envisioning this as an activation for all the seeds we are planting for our future new earth sanctuaries that will be blooming around the world.

The Present Moment retreat center ( will be our gathering space. We will be assisting to arrange accommodations for others at nearby AirBNBs who want to join us or prefer other accommodations (like your own kitchen and a/c). There is a restaurant on-site for meals as well as others in walkable distance. The majority of the huts are open air - which means you will experience the elements and that includes bugs and the sound of crashing waves which was one of the things I loved the most (I didnโ€™t notice any bugs but others did). There are a limited number of a/c spaces available as well as nearby off site options. If you are serious about joining us in Mexico I highly advise to RSVP asap as we already have more people interested than we can accommodate.



Please note that this Immersion is a recalibration for your cells. This is not a retreat or program but rather a gathering of community. Included in your stay will be an organic breakfast, meditation and yoga offered on site. The only structured offering will be an afternoon feeling based relating Community Conversation and a weekly zoom presentation on Syntropy with Souvereign. Other offerings will be self-directed and come from the community (we do have some special guests joining us who are willing to share their wealth of wisdom). There are also many things to experience locally in addition to the beach...horseback riding, massage, surfing, kayaking, hiking and exploring. There will be plenty of time for connecting, healing work and deep heartfelt conversations.

There are two 10 day options and with shared occupancy we can accommodate up to a group of 22. Those willing to share a hut will be prioritized so that we can serve the maximum number of people. I will make a list of all those willing to share so you can connect with each other to find the right fit.

Friday April 23-Sunday May 2

Sunday May 2- Wednesday May 12 (with the option to stay additional days)


Please send an email to me directly with your request. Do not book rooms online or call the retreat center as we have the entire place reserved. Once your spot is confirmed I will connect you to Tom, the owner of Present Moment to finalize your reservation. A 50% deposit is required to hold your spot and the balance is due upon arrival. Travel details will be sent once your reservation is confirmed.

Available Rooms


Price Per Night

5 open air bungalows

1-2 people

199  s/d 115 ea + tx

2 A/C suites

1-2 people

209 s/d 125 ea + tx

2 large open air bungalows

4 people per room

109 per person + tax


All additional expenses (travel, airport transport, car rentals, meals, massage, recreational activities) are not included. There is no additional cost or program fees on behalf of Brave New Life - just cost of accommodations.



I will be on site April 22-May 16th. This is also an opportunity for those interested in investing in the residential community we will be building in Troncones and we will set aside special meetings to discuss those plans. If you are interested in investing please let me know that as well.


I am super excited to share this with all of you! We will be planning ongoing Immersions so if you miss this one there will be more! Look forward to spending time with all of you as we plant the seeds for the future communities we are building!

Thank you for showing up today, again, for Love, for Life and for You!

In Grace & Loving Kindness,

Imani & Souvereign ๐Ÿ’ž