Zoomlink + security issues resolved

Oct 10, 2021 12:00 am

Access the Zoomlink (important email below)


Hi ,

I just love our community!! It feels to be just so inspiring to have the channels of communication and relating wide open... I am sending this zoomlink reminder out a day early, because I will be away for 2 days visiting communities in Bali (more below)

Digital Breach of integrity?! 😲

Earlier this week I received a personal (somewhat distressing) message in response to how I posted on community.bravenewlife.net that we are keeping google and facebook out of our private community platform.

Hi Souvereign, 

I put Brave New Life into google and the main page with all posts from all circles came up without logging in. This can't be right is it? Please let me know if you receive this email and whether it is intentional to publish everything in this way. For example there are zoom links for small circles which could then be accessed by any random person looking online. Not good!

All the best,

Being very appreciative of this message I was also not surprised because googleeyes is known for scraping just about everything data-wise. Because I was so preoccupied with my Syntropic Bali community life, I did not have the time to investigate or get our tech support to answer this issue until now.

After countless testing, the issue seems fully resolved and none of our BNL community content on community.bravenewlife.net can be accessed without a joined membership login. Thank you for the bio-feedback as always! I love you for keeping me on track wherever, whenever. Seriously, direct emails are always welcomed. souvereign@bravenewlife.net

Bali Community Life. Being in service to togetherness and regeneration

Since Imanee and River are sharing so inspiringly from their amazing, awe inspiring journey across turtle island, I feel to share a little from the Islands of the Gods.

I have not shared much of what I do in Bali on the ground, but you may have figured that it would have something to do with Nature, community, and Syntropy.

Here I am giving a congratulatory celebration speech 🥳 to all the 35 students who attended a Permaculture design course and Syntropic Agroforestry training that I helped facilitate as a way to give back to the community during really challenging times for the Bali people.

As the pictures may indicate I am and remain a free man with a will of my own even if I am the only one who has to stand out because of it. Om shanti, shanti, Om, and blessing to all and everyone, always. No comments required, just pray and send blessings.


Here we are on the Natural Growing Network farm of my long-term brother Jye Dawes where the training and graduation took place. Two months of weekly learning sections were covered from compost making to syntropic system design.


Cultural 'certification' was celebrated over paper-based hand out of certificates which I was so heart-warmed by! We ceremonially gave each student a Taro plant which is an ancient staple food that has been cultivated since before the rice era.


When I have more time availability I would love to share more about the local community projects I am working on and in to help the Balinese people curb the harsh stalling of their previous economic tourism-driven world.

This was a first collaborative permaculture pilot program. We learned A LOT and most of all I learned is that I require to learn Bahasa Indonesian... It will become my 5th language. whoohoo!


BNL 2.0 Survey reflections + call to action

I am so thankful for the 100 survey responses (we did it 100th monkey!! 🙈🙉🙊) In between everything else I am still assessing all the answers and highlighting all the significant pointers to take into the future build-out of our public website. So thank you! thank you! thank you for the bio-feedback.

Towards the end of the month, I will initiate the fundraising for this rather massive undertaking. I am already in full preparation mode and have a request for the following roles/ functions to be considered by you.

Primarily we are benefiting from rebooting and recharging the BNL Doula Group into its next succession:

  • Community Doula Group Members. People who have time for a bi-weekly meetup and email communication during the week, to help coordinate the community newsletters and lend a hand in any matters of interest that help the community grow, expand and stay grounded. (preferences for group cohesion are existing WOC graduates)

  • Financial admin. Someone in the USA who is willing to set up, receive and transfer financial contributions via cheque or local bank transfer.

  • Instagram admin. Someone who likes to promote BNL with all the existing content and knows how this froopyland works.
  • BNL facebook page Admin. idem.
  • BNL twitter page admin. idem
  • Telegram admins. People who love (or can't help) being on this crazy app and want to promote and share existing content from our BNL community there in our group and beyond.
  • Youtube channel admins. People who know how youtube works and can update descriptions to videos about our community and manage future content on there.

  • BNL "Brave Voices" Blog/ writers. People who love writing about Life, the human journey, Nature connection, the New Earth, unschooling, home birthing, herbalism, rewilding, natural building, or are ecosophists at heart. You are self-inspired and writing is in your gift.

  • Community Event organizing admins. People who are tech-savvy, have time, and are willing to learn a new private event platform backend.

  • Self-motivated BNL strategist/promoters who are creative, have heart for strategy, and can handle helping coordinate the now planned BNL growing community presentation (at the end of this month)(some slides below)

  • BNL Community fundraising support. People who are willing to help raise as much money as we can to make sure that our platform becomes as grounded and resilient as possible. (I do not want to be the one rattling the contribution can on my own)

Please email community@bravenewlife.net with:

  • your experience,
  • expressed willingness,
  • realistic time-availability and
  • the fantasies/ inspirations/ self generated ideas for the function you may feel is calling yourcells.

Being serious and committed to the purpose of the Brave Community

To answer an unspoken question: I am simply spirit-driven and an all-or-nothing guy. Every moment is "the moment" so, if this is "that" moment of 'when things should be grabbed and run with', well this is that moment then right?

I truly believe that what we have cultivated through our Feeling-Based relating circles and shared circle facilitation thus far, is extremely precious. If cared for with lovingkindness and willful commitment to support the growth-potential more, we all get to experience more of what we have already felt, experienced, and have benefited from.

For this purpose I have been studying for the last month, learning from the best online community developers to avoid making choices that could affect us all unintentionally unfavorably down the line and implementing changes to support our syntropic expansion.

Although I have been at this online-conscious-media-tech-game for a while, the landscape has been changing rapidly and so, after having attended various seminars and live-session/ trainings, I want to host a presentation on the whats, the whys, the pitfalls, the challenges, the broader landscape, and what makes online communities STRONG and THRIVE.

We have already come to be beyond most of these points:


and I hope, together, we can get us here:


If you want to attend the technical, strategic community building exercise/ presentation/ interaction/ dialogue/circle that I have planned for next week Saturday (godwilling), please send an email to community@bravenewlife.net with the heading "circle of success".


Grace, Gratitude & upliftment

In closing I wish to thank those of you who have been generous with your time, have uplifted each other on the community platform, and continue to show up holding space in our circles. Thank you for sharing, thank you for caring from your heart and for all your many many beingways.

I want to especially thank Candace for being such a wayshower, platform contributor, self organising circle creator, space holder and uplifting post maker. Both your and matias' 'laughter is healthy' posts are just so great! (bottom email)

For those active on the platform, I have made a few new videos and posts on how to make your own user experience nicer and richer!

One such was the How to "SIDELOAD" (download) the Brave Community PHONE APP onto your phone. You can still see it on the main news feed or access it here: https://knowledgehub.bravenewlife.net/726170-SIDELOADING-THE-BNL-Phone-App

Okay that is it from my cells to yours!

In grace and lovingkindness,



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