💚 Hempy New Year 🌱 Upcoming Events in 2022 💚

Jan 08, 2022 1:40 am


Hempy New Year

Sending Blessings for the New Year! May Truth Prevail!

River and I are so grateful for our Brave New Love birthed from our Brave New Life Community in 2021 and are looking forward to building out the new timeline in 2022! We have been busy here on the east coast and back on the road tomorrow! Hope to see some of you at our Teneesee event on Sunday! We had some beautiful gatherings in CT in NYC while working on concepts for The Sovereign Village leading up to our presentation at The Greater Reset that happens the end of the month (hope to see some of you there)!



We have been busy making final edits for the re-release of my book,

The Absence/Presence of Soil available by the end of the month. We are

also actively looking for land and preparing for the Natural Building Course 

that will be coming this spring in March 2022.


Upcoming Hemp Events in 2022

Sunday, Jan 9 Hempioneers for the Future

Chattanooga, TN

RSVP: plb4life@yahoo.com

The Greater Reset Jan 29 & 30 in Austin, TX

Building Free & Conscious Communities


Please let us know if you plan to be in town-

there will be several opportunities to get-together


Peace-filled Abundant Blessings for the New Year & our New Earth

🌱 Activating the Grid & HemPioneering the New Earth 🌱

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