So grateful for YOU 💗🍂✨

Nov 26, 2021 8:54 pm


Hi Family, 

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

From Chicha's in Texas! We are so grateful for our Brave New Life Community and all the beautiful souls we have met this past year! We are so grateful for our Brave New Love Adventure that bloomed from our online community! River and I calculated the number of cities we have visited (many multiple times) and the count will reach 100 by our one-year meeting in February! Souv is working on a video documenting our epic journey that we can;t wait to see! Coming your way soon! Sending gratitude to each and every one of you!


We landed back in Texas after a 4-week whirlwind journey to Maui, Orcas Islands, Seattle, Oregon, California, Idaho and Utah where we were able to gather and hug many of you! The clarity continues to reveal itself as we are travel from town to town activating the new timeline. Join our mailing list and hear more of our sharings from our Community + Hemp Conversations.





Dreaming of your own Hemple?

We are so excited! River just completed the DIY Hex Hemple Blueprint

that we built in Maui!!! We envision these Hemples all around the world activating the grid! Not everyone is ready to build their own hemp house, or even an addition....but this non-permitted, free-standing structure is totally doable! Perfect for yoga, meditation, healing work and even sleeping that can be in your backyard! This life-affirming, breathing structure can easily be modified to be EMF resistant providing a protective indoor environment

while simultaneously rebalancing our bodies in these toxic times.

The Hex Hemple is an affordable and immediate solution for

those looking to experience the healing benefits of hemp!


Hemp is a breathable building material known for its insulative properties and abilities to regulate moisture and has been found in the walls of ancient Vedic Temples. The Haven Earth Healing Hex Hemple structure is under 120 sq ft

and is suitable for warm weather climates.

Hemple Kit Includes: 

  • Architectural Drawings with dimensions and details PDF
  • AutoCad files of the project
  • Materials Lists (not including fixings and fittings)
  • Window and Door Schedules
  • Formwork Materials List 
  • How to Hemping videos for this specific build
  • Q & A Personal Zoom Consultation follow up meeting
  • Access to Specialized Hemp building materials and equipment


Build Your Own Hemple!

Save 20% on our Favorite Hemp Products

and support our work with your purchase

(for those of you living in the US. Mexico, South Africa or Japan)



BNL Community Member and Life-long Rancher and Rodeo Celebrity with multiple injuries shared his experience after just 30 days of using the product!



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