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Aug 28, 2021 5:37 pm



We are all sensing the speeding up of things ...more pressure...

greater sense of urgency as the insanity intensifies so more and more people can wake up. The seeds we planted just less than a year ago have been the nourishment for so many and in the months to come the connections we have made will likely be some of the most important ones. We are so grateful for YOU....for you showing up, sharing from your heart & being brave enough to stand for truth and connect with others. All of you are what has allowed our Brave New Life community to flourish.


Pamela, Martin, Bec, Margaret, Alison, Patrick, Linda, Jean, Barbara, Elaine, Crystal, Barbara, Richard, Suzana, Rachel, Munikiene, Linda, Roberta, Martha, Cody, Judy, Daniella, Elena, Chica, Denise, Becky and Valerie

for your financial contributions in August

that brings about faith, reassurance, ability, willingness, and a

healthy feeling of covering our monthly platform expenses

Make a one-time or monthly contribution here.

On this note of contributions, finances, and other money-related matters...

we would like to clarify some things that benefit being said and out there in the open for everyone to be reminded of. Neither Imanee or Souv are 'making' money from the We Are Open Circle Facilitator Trainings.

We have created scholarships to make the training possible for others, along with the generous support of several of our community members. Other donations go to support monthly costs (and Souvs coconuts and minimal living expenses in Bali) to keep things moving.

Souv and I have been supporting and raising quite a bit of money for others and initially came together to support Sacha and raised funds to support him and his work and related expenses....Imanee has generously donated her time, energy and resources in the past year without any form of compensation or promotion of her hemp business that enables her to be able to do that (little plug here: if you are in United States, South Africa, Mexico or Japan and are interested in learning more about her hemp business opportunity you can email her directly at imani@mamalution.com 🌱🌱🌱 )

Her recent partnership with River and the Haven Earth Ministries (508 and PMA) the just launched is accepting memberships and donations starting at $11 for those interested in supporting the shared vision for an educational center and hands-on building of community.

ο»ΏHaven Earth Private Membership Association


Become a Member Haven Earth PMA

Upcoming Freedom Potlucks & Hemp Talks 🌱


As many of you know much has been shifting in the BNL community (and the world) as we transition to the next phase of our growth and this is an expression of one of the many aspects that are emerging. Imanee & River will be hosting an additional Community Conversation for their members - specifically those interested in exploring living in community together. We feel really good about what we have accomplished and about sharing the directions we are moving in with everyone - while at the same time recognizing that it may not speak to everyone. Nonetheless, we appreciate all of you and are so grateful for our collective journey.


  • Simply Receive, Read and Thank
  • Share Yourself how it feels good
  • Join different Circles
  • Become a circle co-facilitator (last training soon)
  • Share our work, platform, emails, and messages with friends
  • Host a community potluck and share about BNL
  • Activate Your Brave New Life!

Sending You All Lots of Love & Nourishment!

Imanee, River & Souv πŸ’ž

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This was fantastic! Informative, well written, & loving. Well done.