Community Sharings - Issue 3

Sep 07, 2021 10:12 pm


Welcome to our Community Sharings! We invite you to help it grow from the inside out.

We want to celebrate the amazing creative talent that we have within our community.

If you have any poems, songs, photography, art work, or any other words or images that depict your particular creative genius, reply to this email and we'll include it here... just like this...


To see Nina's artwork, music and writing, visit:


The Invitation 

The war is over 

Put down your weapons 

There is no need to continue to destroy yourself 

There is another way if you desire to see it 

The Voice of reason can be accessed 

Wisdom, truth and beauty can replace confusion 

A divided mind cannot heal 

One that is centered in love can 

Fear and doubt can be exchanged for love and trust 

The solution cannot be found within the problem 

Wake up and start over 

A much grander version of life is waiting to be revealed to you 

Start asking new questions, free of the inner tyrant 

State with conviction that you are ready 

It is time to be showered with light 

Dissipating the darkness that once ruled your mind 

You know in your heart that it’s possible

Please remember 

Celebration of freedom awaits 

Everyone at the party anticipates your arrival 

You have been given the invitation 

Just say yes 

By Christine Yole.



For more dates on this tour:


Come to a Workshop in St. Augustine on Sacred Living

Learn how to create a sacred lifestyle for enhanced health, happiness and harmony in your life every day!

NEW DATE: Saturday, October 2

10-5 ( bring a bag lunch)

2825 North Tenth Street

Saint Augustine, Florida

Cost: $125 which includes "A Call To Sacred Living," workbook and journal.

Facilitator: Thia Belden, MS

Contact Thia with questions

340 642-3173 or email her at

She can also be contacted at Sacred Living Solutions on Facebook



Beginning September 21, the awesome Edith Ubuntu course - Super Wellness For more info:

For questions, request for scholarship etc:


We Are Open Circle is offering one more BNL Community Stage 1 training

Australia: September 11-14 (Saturday to Tuesday), 6-10 am

The Americas: September 10-13 (Friday - Monday), 1-5 pm PDT / 4-8 pm EDT

The cost if $495. They are extending a 50% discount to anyone repeating the course.

Registration Link: 

Password: Community



Imanee and River's upcoming on-the-road happenings:

Sept 7 - Freedom Potluck- Oklahoma

Sept 12 - Freedom Potluck @ Chichas - Texas

Sept 17 - Freedom Potluck/Natural Building with Hemp Talk

Sept 19 - Hemping Workshop - TN

Oct 6 - Freedom Potluck - Hartford, CT


The Freedom Portal is doing a 911 truth presentation on September 11.

Foster Gamble, David Icke and Richard Gage…open to all at 9:30 a.m. PDT.


South Florida BNL people are having a meet up Friday September 24 at 11 am.


or text at 954-816-3700


Are you hosting or do you know of any Brave New Life related events in your


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Please fill out Souvereign's survey about building our BNL community:


Did you know that there are soooooo many Circles with a diversity of topics on the BNL website?

This issue we're highlighting:

Syntropic housing, communities and opportunities

In this circle you can share your discoveries & discuss the functions & what works & what doesn't; if you are looking for opportunities in community & or housing; & opportunities from within the community, or that have been vetted by someone in the community.

Many of us are facing geolocation drift right now - lets share & help each other find soft & safe landings where we each need to be.

Suggestions welcome.

We suggest you visit & share & thank you, in advance, for your sharing!

Check this circle out here.

Highlighting Circles including dates & times offered in the Brave New Life Community:

1.   Canada Circle         

Tuesday  7 PM EDT

2.   Embody Pure Love Wednesday      

1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EDT / Th 4:00 AM Western Australia

3.   Iridescent Wisdom Smorgasbord  

Tuesday  7 PM EDT

4.   Elder Flowers          

Thursdays  - 15 minutes after BNL Thursday Circle

If there are any other Brave New Life circles who wish to be on this list, please send us an email (only circles should email, not persons...did you really believe I wrote that?).

Also check out the fabulous videos being offered on the Brave New Life site - particularly Wilfred's & Yvonne's & Souvereign's.

Share B&B

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Are you looking for a place to stay whilst on your Brave New Life travels?

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Fun Fact:

Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root-canal?

His goal: transcend dental medication.


Do you have a service or product you would like to share with the BNL Community?

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What the fuck's going on?

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If you have any ideas for OUR VOICES, OUR STORIES, OUR COMMUNITY, please let us know.

We honour the courage it takes to share our hearts within our community, whether by writing or by speaking... this empowers us ALL. Let's all keep stepping into & reveling in our Brave New Lives!

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