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Jul 08, 2021 7:44 am


Hi ,

This may sound as a bit of an appeal letter but actually, it is promoting Critically Thinking, community resilience building based on Natural Health, and good old common sense... 🤔 hmmmm..... 🤔 Better I explain:

On Tuesday Imani and me privately meet with the "mastermind" brain trust where Pam Popper, Dolores Cahill, Dr Tenpenny, Northrup, Cowan, Kaufman, Eric Nepute, Lawrence Palevsky, Carrie Madej, Simone Gold, Leigh Dundas, Reinette Senum, Michael Popper from Clear United and Ole Demagard relate around their strategies, upcoming events, challenges, and solution-orientated actions.

I want to commend Imani for her unwavering perseverance and dedication in supporting the mastermind group in having a safe place to exchange, check-in with each other, and relate around what is relevant for them to navigate.

I have been there in the "background" to back Imani up with the facilitation of the tech side of life making their livestreams function, making all the 'pretty images' etc etc. It is a continual work of Love and, Imani, you truly stand in love-action when it comes to "holding things together". Thank you! beloved momma bear!

I want to also commend Shay Douglas and the team at Earth Heroes Tv for hosting for free all their content. I know there is a lot of practical navigation involved and your trust-based actions and support are deeply appreciated!

Through EHtv we have been able to give the braintrust our support and a live streaming platform for hosting their critical sharings in a time when they are being more and more censored.


Today we want to simply share Dr. Tenpenny's upcoming Webinar about the Mechanics of Injury (letter below) and ask you to share it out in whatever from works good.

Dr. Tenpenny recently lost her 2 large instagram pages with over 250,000 followers together, she also lost her twitter page with nearly 100,000 followers due to a troll, and she lost one of her FB pages with over 250,000 followers. 


"We are bringing back the LIVE Webinar about the Mechanisms of Injury. The questions on everyone’s mind these days still remains, “How dangerous are the Covid shots, and what are the risks?”

We have received hundreds of requests for this information.

The answers are packaged and ready to be released.

Over the last several months, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has spent more than 2,000 hours researching and documenting 20+ Mechanisms of Injury (MOI) that can result from a COVID-19 injection. Since the first LIVE webinar in May, she has found EVEN MORE ways the shots can harm and kill you.

To fully comprehend the magnitude and the details behind each of these MOI, Dr. Tenpenny is hosting a 2-hour training webinar so you can learn about each of these in detail. Not only will you learn about the 20+ MOI, to warn friends and family about WHY they should not take the shot, but also when those you care about start having health issues, you can connect their problems with the shots, file a VAERS report and educate your physicians.

Celebrity influencers, monetary incentives, employer threats, travel restrictions and flat out lies by media and politicians are conspiring to convince you that these shots are harmless and necessary. Sadly, we may see soon be seeing the largest amount of chronic illness and deaths - caused by an injection - ever encountered in history. We have been heavily censored because we are standing right over the target.

This information is explosive and those in Power do not want you to know it.

Please share this invitation with your friends, social media groups, email lists, etc. so that every person has the opportunity to learn the truth. This is CRITICAL."


With Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Saturday July 10, 2021

Time: 11am-1pm EST

Followed by an hour of BONUS Q&A

Register at:



The Knowledge Hub tremendously build-out by Sharne, is still a work in progress. Here are a few of the latest additions.

(I am looking for people who want to take this on and develop it out further as I am spread thin like cheap butter on white toast. 😂 The idea is to not share more fear porn, but empowering information that benefits having a repository.)

You can submit an article or what you feel is relevant by clicking "submit ticket" in the top right corner.


Access here

In the Asian Flu of 1957-58, They Rejected Lockdowns

For anyone a bit curious or not aware that this plandemics playbook is NOT the first expression of a sick mindvirus in our westernised human family, this is an interesting article with the attached PDF research paper stored on the knowledge hub.


The Asian flu of 1957-58 was a deadly pandemic with a broader reach for severe outcomes than Covid-19 of 2020. It killed between 1 and 4 million people worldwide, and 116,000 in the US in a time with half the population. It was a leading contributor to a year in which the US saw 62,000 excess deaths. 

Globally, it might have been five times as deadly as Covid-19, as measured by deaths per capita. It was unusually lethal for younger people: 40 percent of deaths had occurred among people younger than 65, whereas the average age of death Covid-19 is 80 with only 10-20% of deaths under the age of 65. 

Read more

Lastly, people have been asking for different donation options than the Paypal one.. here it is on the bottom of the page:

Thank you for sharing and caring, your support and simply being part of this community is so appreciated.

Much Love from Bali where "things" are getting "crazier" by the day, and, I may need to crowdfund my way out of here at some point...🤫😳

For now Fields of Syntropy to you all!


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