Love over fear - #lovewins

Nov 08, 2020 12:30 am


Hi everyone,

Some of you may not have come on one of our calls yet, and perhaps you have been wondering "what our Community Conversations are actually about?" before joining.

Please watch this short video of Souvereign who talked with his close friend Shay Ryan around the Brave New Life Conversations.


Meeting Reminder: We now have two weekly zoom circles on Monday and Thursday. It is very possible that another Conversation starts up for Australia and New Zealand on Monday mornings, but that is still a fantasy, and being worked on. 

Monday: at 7:30am (NYC)/8:30pm (BALI)

Thursday: at 9:30am (NYC)/10:30pm (BALI)


Thank you all for those who felt willing and able to share with us a donation to get us to a better email service and assist in the build out of a digital ecosystem that allows us all to have private conversations and chats in our own ecosystem.

In last weeks’ emails we explained what we are wanting to accomplish for our growing Brave New Life Community around feeling based relating, staying in connection, and developing an ecosystem for our ways of connecting outside of Facebook. (where Imani gets banned all the time ;)

If you still want to help our navigation become more graceful you can donate here on the bottom of the page.

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Please know that all amounts small or large are received as love filled contributions!



We had people from Brazil, South Africa, UK, Spain, Canada, all over the United States!! It was so so beauty full to connect and feel the depth of sharings expressed!


Love Over Fear Livestream with Imani & Souv

#LoveWins Lifestream with Imani, Souv, Christiane Northrup, Reinette Senum. Kevin Jenkins and Pam Popper


5 G Apocalypse Film -

Purchase the 5G Bioshield & Support Brave New Life

Orgone Energy:  for more information. Protection against radiation exposure.

For US Mamas - join Imani and Tara for one of our Sovereign Strategy Sessions:

Listen to Souv’s Heart Song 

Great resources on page 3 of Informed Neighbor News -

Check out - recommended by many

Canadians for our sovereignty from British Parliament once and for all

New social justice movement to protect the rights of natural people

Pam Popper youtube clip today addresses the issue of why facts don't change people's minds. Deepens our compassion! Humans need to belong!

Peggy Hall is doing a webinar on real laws vs the fake ones and how to keep businesses open

The Antidote To COVID-1984 is Magna Carta 2020

Red Pill University for more introductory information -

Look into Jaquie Phoenix she is fighting with a team against the British rule over Canada huge legal combat and they are true warriors

Spiritual conference

From Ruth Emily to Everyone

Blessed We Are by Peia

Anyone interested in zoom training in common law/how to avoid/survive arrest, email me on and I will send all the links. Note: Common Law does not work globally (commonwealth countries only as far as  I am aware) but the principles are universal

Alison Regli - Imani and all, about 5 years ago we stared a group called Divine Radiant Connection. For high frequency souls to help lift each other. We have kept the community small and a slow organic growth. It is authentic and sweet. Feel free to connect there and join our sweet smart on going conversation. we do meet in person in South Florida. 

Mofwoofoo - Community in Ecuador Our website is currently under construction and is down for a few days:

Personal Connections: 

Jay Taylor - independent artist, writer, musician, photographer and all-round creative creature! Long-time unschooling mama… Located in England, on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border 

Kita - Mississauga Ontario Canada . The Community Im building is you can connect with me there or on instagram @earthsbae …. at the moment im working on food sovereignty with organic farms in ontario and humans that want to join in growing food together.

Kathy from Toronto ON

Leslee, AZ

Nicolas du Plessis from South Africa

Lotus from Boca Raton, Florida 

Pia from Berkshires, Mass.

Jay Garrard 

Tiffany Finger Lakes of Upstate NY, an hour SE of Rochester, would love to connect with people : 

Shirley in CT

Laurie Menzies

Laura Western Mass

Terri Kirby Boulder, CO and would love to connect and happy to host a potluck…

Susan Jo Shapiro I’m here in Brooklyn soon to be in the Ft Lauderdale area in Florida. I’m on is my email.

Lois Grasso-Barrett in CT

Laurie Menzies 716-870-8770

Alison Regli

Alison Regli - NJ 954-816-3700

Jane Von Bieberstein from London uk 07811132313

Stephanie Flynn Tulsa OK 9188090707

Elizabeth Amrien -  Boston 617-686-6872

Louise Malt  Amherstberg ON.

Allison Hines 🙏would love to join and help anyway that I can. I'm in Richmond Illinois. 262-865-1333 ❤ love and blessings

Susanjoshapiro  Brooklyn NY here again 917-837-0577

Ivy Amar 505-466-3367

Kyera 919 619 2112

Louise Malt 17053459579. I want to help anyway i can. I just moved to Amherstburg ON and want to start gartherings

Catherine Oakville, ON?

Jennifer 571-641-9323 in Seattle 206-353-7700

Patti Lindgren, Little Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan Canada