Let's Meet! Imani's Travel Schedule - for those of you asking for more details :)

Feb 11, 2021 2:20 pm


It's been so incredible meeting so many of you on my travel adventure! I am including a few pics from some of the Community Gatherings that we have had along my journey! It looks like I may hug over 100 of you before I make it back to CT! Today I am in New Mexico with Paul (from Haven Earth Design) and we are having a few guests join us this afternoon at their community compound in Mora. We had a lovely event in Santa Fe when I landed on Tuesday and plan to see everyone again at the UnMask NM Event. We head to Colorado this weekend! I just want to say thank you to each of you who have welcomed me and shared your love and incredible generosity!


Join us for today's Community Conversation

10:00am (NYC) - 15:0- (LONDON) - 16:00 (AMS) - 17:00 (SOUTH AFRICA) 11:00pm (BALI)


Note that the times and links are the same each week so put them on your calendar. We will not be sending out reminders on the day of the conversation like we have been. We will only be doing one email update each week!

We had a huge turnout in Orange County for our "underground gathering" - lots of familiar faces!!! So much fun!


Chrystina and her beloved joined me in Mexico (and we have a lot to share with you soon) along with Leigh Dundas and family, and Laurie (our atty friend from NY). This was our last dinner together!


The week of the Feb 16th I head to North Carolina to visit Chrystina in Chapel Hill and Grace in Charlotte. Coordinate with Chrystina via email at chrystina8@protonmail.com for details on our North Carolina events.

with love - Imani & Souv