Let's Meet! Imani's Travel Schedule - for those of you asking for more details :)

Feb 07, 2021 12:35 am


I shared on the last Community Conversation about my experiences in Mexico and the communities and relationships that are starting to sprout out the ongoing feeling based relating we have been doing here at our Brave New Life. It's been so wonderful to meet so many of you - and so many more to meet!

I just landed in California and am staying at Leigh Dundas' home in Orange County so if any of you want to join us for an invitation only underground freedom gathering TONIGHT (Sat Feb 6th from 5-8pm) email me at imanimamalution@protonmail.com for the location details. I am here with Chrystina (who some of you heard spoke last week when we were in Mexico together) and we will be sharing our experiences and visions for the communities we are growing.

On Monday I head to New Mexico to meet up with Paulo and head to Santa Fe and will get together at Ivy's on Tuesday 9th, at 1pm and then head to Mora where Paulo is building community and will have a cozy gathering on Wednesday evening and possibly Taos Thursday afternoon. Some of you expressed a desire to travel quite a distance to join us at one of those spots. Please coordinate with Paul via email at info@havenearth.org to meet up!

The week of the Feb 16th I head to North Carolina to visit Chrystina in Chapel Hill and Grace in Charlotte. Coordinate with Chrystina via email at chrystina8@protonmail.com for details on our North Carolina events.

See the rest of you on our weekly Community Conversations:

Sundays 8pm (NYC) / Monday 11am (BRISBANE)


Thursdays 10am (NYC) / 11pm (BALI)


Please note we will not be sending out daily reminders after this week so please put times, days & links on
your calendars! See you soon!

with love - Imani & Souv