Dear community of loved ones,

Sep 05, 2021 3:39 pm


Dear community of loved ones,

Our community is at an opportune stage in its growth… please watch this 5 minute video where I explain my excitement and personal request to you all towards the content of this email. I look forward to hearing from you be grow BNL further in a SYNTROPIC way.


See we are a platform without an oppressor.

We are a community that isn’t “fighting” for a cause against “something”

We are a community that isn’t existing because of the failure of a third party, government, pandemic, chaos, or a problem to overcome.

We are a community that is ushering in the new earth and as we all know the New Earth starts with ourselves and joining hands and hearts to live and see this new earth into being.

Together we have cultivated a space of inclusion, of love, of growth, of transformation, and acceleration of our own individual Brave New Lives.

I am in awe of what has come through by us all bringing our strands in the greater pattern of the weaving that we have engaged in. One of Love, one of compassion, and one of natural support to each other's individual navigation.

It cannot be understated what the value is that has been experience-able as we now have almost met online and on land for ONE YEAR.

I know it has taken a tremendous commitment and engagement of me and Imani but we came here to show up powerfully because we both know that as pathfinders we came together to create something that has not been done before. 

We have drawn in a very unique series of new ways of touching, moving, and inspiring each other during a time where such a platform and safe haven could have easily focussed on “other”, the “bad guys”, the oppressors, but instead, we have resounded the natural comprehensions again and again around our own self-sovereign response-ability how to make use of the function of the “out there” to resolve and heal the within.

Personally, I have tried to share, where appropriate, my knowledge and deeper comprehensions of what it takes to grow community from the inside out AND that is exactly what we have done because so many of us have offered their knowings and wisdom through sharing their feelings about it!

Anyone who has been on our zoom blooms will have felt the unique Nature of our feeling-based relating template which I was taught by the guidance and teachings of both the spirit of Sophia and my Lemurian spirit Grandmothers. (More on this another time)

I just wish to say that our BNL template has been formed from a consciousness of deeper knowledge of our human ecology, where we have come from, and how we can return to, restore and regenerate intrinsic knowings of who we truly are and all that sits in the way of reclaiming our life-way of being a living human community based on Love, acceptance through the study of self, human nature AND how we can each apply and transform our own programmed limiting belief-systems through feeling-based relating and learning of Syntropy (the Life strategies that our human Family of Love is originally and foundational based on)

Without wanting to make this a long email I want to simply express my gratitude to you all for opening and reading this email, and for those who want to receive the full download of why our community is so relevant in in-forming the field collective consciousness of our humanity field you can request a video explanation by adding your name here (I don’t want to spam anyone not open to receiving).


We are about to enter into the third and last We Are Open Circle training to increase the flow and self-organizing capacity of everyone benefiting from our living human ecosystem.

I have spoken about the build-out of the public BNL website in recent videos.

(our is only easily discoverable if you get our emails).

A website with an about page, testimonials, events, a community blog, with direct access for those joining to our community forum and the knowledge hub and some other juicy feautures.

I also envision easier page navigation and (finally) a contribution page hosted on BNL’s platform (instead of my own website) where it is transparent and clear (and way easier) to have anyone make a contribution. (Currently, you’d have to email me sometimes because the links keep expiring)

I have quietly done months of research and sourced the best tools for long-term growth capacity without it overburdening the financial responsibility I have taken on to host and maintain everything for BNL. btw: any and all of your contributions have proven to meet most months the running costs and for this, I remain ever so grateful!

Because BNL has not presented itself as an organization with a public website (but instead just an email signup page) there has been no substance to justify asking for public support or even offering a clear explination what participating looks like and I hope this will change if my website development fantasies get to be supported with a Yay.

I know it may be a lot to ask of you now, but I want to invite you to answer some questions so I can get a true feel as to whether me building the front-end for BNL is something that meets where the community is actually at.

It is my feeling that through the WOC trainings we have created foundational common ground, we have caused empowering skill distribution and a de-centralization of roles, functions and created more diverse participation levels, naturally, without even trying, talk about syntropic!

With a public front-end website, we will be able to welcome more people into our ecosystem whilst maintaining and fostering the quality of relating during the circle zooms that we each have experienced.

If you care about the future of our community please, I implore you to participate and take time to answer the questions I need feedback on, before I invest more time, skills, and money into the establishment of BNL 2.0

Please go here to answer my curiosities through the feedback form I created.

All Our Voices Matter, yours included!

For now, again, thank you for being part of our family of BNL Love.

In grace and Loving Kindness,


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