COVID-19; It's up to you

You have a choice to make your identity or your business "a victim of COVID" and live your life defined by a global pandemic, or you can get a knife and cut lemon as needed when a customer wants it with their iced tea.

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Sep 26, 2020
Work in 2020

How do you work? I now "check all the boxes" in the right column, and it only happened when I realized my previous career amounted to the meaningless...

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Sep 08, 2020
Should I put hobbies on my resume?

HOBBIES on your RESUME: Yes or No? I agree that it is essential to pursue hobbies to round you out as a person and a professional. But I advise clients to emphasize content creation a...

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Sep 04, 2020
When vision becomes reality

“In order to create a life you truly desire, you also have to be willing to destroy the shit that isn’t working. So many of us avoid looking within to do this work because we’ve been programmed...

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Sep 03, 2020
Are you a YES person in interviews?

You don’t have to act like a "yes person" during an interview to land a job. In fact, disagreeing with a potential employer can lead to a more engaged discussion. Or it may make you realize that t...

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Aug 31, 2020
Collaboration for collective growth

We all are in dire need of spaces that nurture human relationships and promote cooperative behavior among citizens. And this begins right at home, schools, clubs, and workplaces.  Insects may not impact our liv...

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Aug 25, 2020