Danish etiquette: "ignoring people is polite here"

Danish culture is premised on various values such as trust, equality and respect for privacy. Whilst this has many virtues, from an outsider perspective, this can also appear to play out in scenarios where Danes come across as... well, a bit rude....

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Nov 04, 2021
Season One in review

Sam, Josefine and Andreas (our "audio guy") have a conversation about the things we've learnt from the first season of What The Denmark. We cover: Feedback from listenersFavourite things we've learned from the episodes so farNew perspectives on the...

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Jun 10, 2021
Handball: How the sport encapsulates Danish culture

The sport of handball has a rich history in Denmark. The country invented the modern form of the game (so the story goes) and the men's team are the two-time reigning world champions. In this episode, Sam and Josefine speak with the head of the Dan...

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May 27, 2021
"Why do Danish people wave when they ride a bike?"

Esther is originally from The Netherlands, and moved to Denmark in 2019. This is the first of a new type of episode on What The Denmark where we speak with people are learning about Danish culture after moving to Denmark. These interviews, we feel,...

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May 20, 2021