Wrapping up Season One of What The Denmark

Jun 04, 2021 1:01 pm


After launching What The Denmark a few months ago we are soon going to be taking a bit of a break.

We've made 10 episodes across a range of topics, and so will shortly take stock of what we've learnt, hire a couple of team members and set up some sponsorship so we can continue to make future episodes.

We're still to figure out exactly how/ when we'll be releasing episodes in the future, but it will likely take the form of "seasons" whereby we have 8-10 episodes and then a bit of a pause to give everyone time to catch up with episodes!

Season One Review episode coming up

Next week we'll be able to share the final episode of the first season.

Josefine and I (and Andreas - our "audio guy" who you may have heard in the bloopers at the end of the episodes?) have a conversation about things we've learnt from first episodes, and more generally since the show began.

We include feedback from some of the reviews we've received, and follow up questions from people who have got in touch.

It was very fun to record - I hope you enjoy when it comes out early next week. If you subscribe to the show your podcast app will give you a notification when the episode is out!

What The Denmark in the news

We featured in a couple of articles recently in the English speaking media in Denmark:

  1. The International: a short profile on Josefine and I
  2. Copenhagen Post: Karey-Anne from (the Getting a job episodes) wrote about her experience being interviewed for the show

If you're interested in English speaking articles based on Denmark, then definitely give both of the magazine websites a read.

Handball video

As part of our promotion of last week's handball episode we Andreas made a short animation video as a trailer. You can see it here.

People have been enjoying the handball episode as it's not just about handball, but more broadly how it encapsulates Danish society - plus some great anecdotes from handball being part of the Cold War propaganda when international games were being played


It's only a minute or so, and so you might enjoy watching it.

Speak to you next week,


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